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Tuscan Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

We’ve all seen stuffed mushrooms placed on the appetizer table at a holiday party.  All too often being passed by for the shrimp cocktail, cheese platter, or dip…how sad! This year, why not make mushrooms the main course?  Instead of the usual small bite size mushrooms, make them irresistible by using large portobello mushrooms and making them the star.  MyTuscan Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms filled with a warm flavorful mixture of spinach, garlic and artichokes are sure to be a big hit this holiday season....more

Story of the World, Vol. 2, Chapter 12

The Islamic invation of Spain was a fascinating chapter, especially in the light of what is going on right now in Europe with the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis and the November 13 Paris attacks. As adults, we are aware of all these historic connections, but the children are not. Maybe they should stay this way for a little while longer. The world is turning into a scary place and I just don't want them to know that yet....more

Low Carb Chicken Feta Pizza With Cauliflower Crust Recipe

This recipe is both low carb and low calorie without taking a thing away from flavor.  There are only 191 calories per serving and 7g of carbs. Now had I not made this myself, I would have never known that the crust was cauliflower. If you are looking to drop some calories or carbs or both, then this recipe is for you....more

Vegetarian Chili and Smashed Potatoes (easy weeknight meal)

Falling in love againI can’t believe I’ve been with my favorite guy 15 years! We’ve grown up together and added to our family which has been so much fun. I’m enjoying the ride....more

Baked Bread Gulab Jamun

I saw my blogger friends from the Blogging Marathon group trying bread jamun instead of the regular gulab jamun. No matter what Gulab Jamuns will there for all diwalis in our house hold. I followed the same tradition here in US too. But this time I wanted to try something different. Thought of making bread jamun and wanted to make it healthy. So I went with wheat bread and while mixing it I thinking how about baking instead of frying? I was super excited and baked and made this gulab jamuns. ...more

Gouda Cauliflower Bake

This dish made a wonderfully filling side dish that was very easy to make and a lovely side dish to a lovely fillet of white fish sauteed in butter and garlic....more

The Snack Aisle: More than “Meats” the Eye

No matter what your preferred eating lifestyle is, we all know that we need 3 macronutrients: Protein, Carbohydrate and Fat. I grew up eating animal protein as well as vegetarian options like hummus, falafel, lentils, taboulli salads and other delicious Mediterranean inspired meals. October is National Vegetarian Awareness Month. Awareness is the key word here which essentially means increasing your consciousness. Look at your diet and see where you can optimize it....more