Summery Peach and Sweetcorn Salad, to Celebrate August

Summery, Sweet and Peachy...more

Cucumber and Cherry Tomato Salad

I definitely have the epitome of the garden of plenty this year. Just when I think I have picked all the vegetables that are ready to eat from my garden I get another glimpse of a bright red tomato or a freakishly huge zucchini or a fat little juicy cucumber ready to be picked....more

Nutty Chinese Green Beans

I love green beans! They are wonderful raw as a snack, steamed or fancied up like this peanut buttery dish.Green beans are a bit of a little power house as far as stringy little green veggies are concerned. They are low in fat, high in potassium, low net carbs and a decent amount of protein....more

Omelet with Cheese, Tomato and Arugula

I didn’t grown Arugula in my garden this year and I have to admit I regret that. All parts of the plant are edible including the seeds, pods and flowers. Next year Arugula will be a must have!...more

Simple Arugula Lunch Salad

Salads don’t always have to be complicated and when you are at a bit of a loss for something different to have for lunch raid your crisper and throw something together. You might find you love the new flavour combination.For this salad I did just that. A little this a little that and BOOM a simple arugula salad. Delicious and crunchy. I topped the whole thing with one of my favourite Greek style dressings but you could also make your own quite easily....more


I love camping. My favorite part? The food!...more

Perfect Mango Salsa

Sautéed Jicama and Carrots

Jicama (pronounced HEE-kah-mah) is not a vegetable I would have thought to try but I am glad I did. It is referred to ad a Mexican Turnip, Mexican Yam or even Mexican potato....more

Cherry and yogurt dip

vA sweet and tangy yogurt cherry dip recipeDips are that little change which can tweak the taste of any of our snacks. All over the world there are various variety of dips all with a small change in ingredient and a great change in taste....more

Radish, Orange & Goat Cheese Salad

I work in a Section 23 classroom for kids with acute mental illness. They are between the age of 12-18 and the program is designed to integrate kids back to school while earning a few high school credits and taking part in an intense therapy component. There are 8 students enrolled for 6-8 weeks and our team consists of a teacher, CYC (Child and Youth Counsellor), social worker, psychiatrist and me, the EA (Educational Assistant)....more