Beet Burgers


The BEST Portobello Mushroom burgers

Hi beautiesSo one of the best things about America was the food! Pretty early on to being here we went to Saul Good and had the most amazing Portobello mushroom burgers. ...more

Spicy Tofu Lettuce Wraps

Hi loves! I hope you’re enjoying your day. I posted a photo of this meal onmy instagram a week ago and I promised to share the recipe.This is a Nielson family recipe that my mom kind of wanted to kick my ass for sharing. But I’m all about spreading the love and this has a lot of it to offer. Please be aware that this tofu is not messing around when it comes to spice, so don’t say I didn’t warn you....more

"Sprinter" Vegetarian Chili for Meatless Mondays

It is the end of April and today's weather is not Spring-like. Since this weather has been dragging, a friend of mine called it "sprinter" (spring/winter) LOL!On Mondays, I try to cook a "meatless" dinner whenever possible. After sorting through my pantry and fridge, I decided to make vegetarian chili. And for that friend SL, I'm calling it "Sprinter" Chili ;)...more

Yummy Pear, Blue Cheese & Hazelnut Salad with Pomegranate Dressing

Easter time is always harvest festival at my place, with pears and hazelnuts to gather, pumpkins to store and potatoes to dig, I always feel a bit like squirrel nutkin preparing for winter. However, you'll find these ingredients in your grocery store year round....more

Mmm, Rice Pudding

The hardest part of giving up dairy has been the desserts.  I'm a big dessert person anyway, and the idea that I can't eat most of the ones I haven't made myself has just pushed things into overdrive.  Now I must have all the sweet things I can eat-- the milkier seeming, the better.  So of course I have been craving pudding.  I decided to make non-dairy rice pudding and it was so yummy!...more

Potato Enchiladas w/ Red Enchilada Sauce & Tomato Salsa

Chickpea Tortilla Soup

This flavorful mexican soup is probably one of the best soups I have had at a restaurant. It was so delicious that I tried to duplicate it. I’m not sure why it’s called, ‘tortilla soup’ when the crispy fried tortilla strips are served as garnishes along with avocado, sour cream and cheese. But in a way it is a good thing because I would not like tortilla strips to get soggy in the soup....more

Pasta con Pesto

Pasta con Pesto - you can't go wrong with Fresh Basil, Garlic, Butter, Cheese and a pinch of Salt over #Barilla Linguine.  The basil at #TraderJoes looked beautiful and was delicious!  Love to be able to come home and fix a quick and wonderful meal for the family.What's on your stove?Joanie...more

Blue Cheese Creamed Kale Gratins

ERMAHGERD.This kale....more