If Your Teenager Turns Vegetarian, It May Not Last Long...

‘I’m going vegetarian announced,’ daughter 14 last Friday. ‘Why you love meat?’ said brother 10. ‘Because the average human consumes 342 animals a year,’ she said. ‘But I’m starting tomorrow because I had a chicken wrap for lunch.’ ‘I stopped eating potatoes for a year because someone told me they’d make me fat when I was your age,’ I replied. Newly-teen-vego marched off. On to the food fad faze I thought. Been there done that, thirty three years ago....more

Buckwheat and Potato Fritters

Gluten free buckwheat,potato and pumpkin fritters-ve...more

Healthier Food

Its late at night and I'm about to write my first short post. I just watched an interview with Michael Pollan and it reminded me about how all that packaged food is bad for us. I'm thinking about becoming a vegetarian again OR just eating healthier. Not sure yet. I was a vegetarian twice. Once for a year and the second time I was a vegetarian for a week. I'll decide tomorrow its late at night here. Goodnight all (or whomever is reading this)....more


We as human beings want food.We say phrases like "food for thought" and "if music be the food of love".Ever given a thought WHY food?Why do we have to bring food into everything we think about?The answer is its the basis of our sustenance and the cause of life.In the past decade the food we eat has gone into a new dimension of change.Its become more VARIED - in the sense - gluten free,vegan,and the newly developed anti pasto concepts which people prefer sometimes over the same as they term "run of the mill" recipes.People like experimenting with things,especially food as they want things be...more
@Darcie Of course I will Darcie..thanks a lot for the help!!I plan to start my food blog and ...more

get stuffed!

OK, this one is for the vegetarians (and yes, you vegans as well)! I owe you one after last week, after all… and turn about is only fair! I can’t claim the original recipe, but I have added a few notes and some info on how I like to make (and enjoy) these little gems. Mmmm…You can do this all by hand, but... (Please read the entire post at <http://andthenmakesoup.wordpress.com/2011/12/18/get-stuffed-2/>. Thanks and enjoy the holidays!!)...more

Pumpkin Seed Coconut Flour Pie Crust

Pie season is upon us. There is no better way to show off the summer's bounty than in pie format. But, what do you do when your family has grain and nut allergies? Compotes are all fine and dandy, but from time to time it is nice to have something akin to a traditional, flaky pie crust. While this recipe may not fall completely under the description of 'flaky', it did turn out to make a pretty decent pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving!...more

Snap Pea Salad with Basil Pesto Vinaigrette

A long time ago, before I became interested in gardening and eating seasonally, I followed recipes to-the-letter. I didn't know how to experiment or combine food to get tasty outcomes - particularly with fresh herbs. Most of the recipes I grew up with were not seasonal and were of no help to me if I wanted to prepare something strictly from farmer's market ingredients. And then I stumbled upon an article that provided some helpful advice:...more

Kiwi Popsicles