Aubergine Parmigiana Recipe

Vegetable pie with a flakey gluten free pie pastry

Eating gluten free doesn't have to mean restrictive or limited in flavor.  You don't have to have pizzas that taste like cardboard or never have a cookie ever again.  Eating gluten free is just another way of looking at creating recipes. Finding a good gluten free flour is paramount in most recipes, whether you want to try and blend your own flours or buying a preblended flour from the store.  I have always blended my own flour because I want to make sure I have contol over everything in my recipes and what I eat (for the most part)...more

Lord Woolton Pie – a delicious vegetable dish

Here is a very famous WWII 1940′s dish, Lord Woolton Pie.....more

Dinner Tonight: Butternut Squash Pasta with Kale and Parmesan

 Need some quick and healthy dinner recipes that you, your partner, the kids, anyone is sure to love?This has been a favorite in my house for years! It’s filling yet healthy, light yet flavorful and packed full of goodness.Note: I don’t typically measure out ingredients when I’m cooking, which is why I usually don’t list exact ingredients.  ...more Thanks, hope it turned out well!more

Forbidden Edamame Cakes with Roasted Carrot Miso Puree + Quick Pickled Radishes

Sometimes I wonder when and how “healthy” food got such a bad rap? People’s preconceived notion that healthy is not tasty, and vice versa, motivates me to create recipes that are drool worthy and nutrient dense. As a Registered Dietitian, I also think it is important to be able to understand food, how to cook and prepare it, and how to help people eat better whether it’s with a food allergy, health condition, or cultural practice. Ultimately, this is my goal with sharing my recipes on my blog.  Today’s post is extra special as it’s Registered Dietitian Day!...more

Time for another Tasty Tuesday!

Tonight's dish is Last Minute Couscous. It's quick, easy, and super healthy! Dig in.

Roasted Red and Green Tomatoes with Sour Cream Herb Sauce

This morning, the farmer's market offered a surprise.  There were a few late peaches out of Porter, and still a good many Jonathan apples fresh off the tree.  However, I was especially happy to see a bowl of freshly ripened small tomatoes from the gentleman...more

Broccoli 'Rizo Pepper Jack Pizzas

Rated KF for Kid Friendly, N for Nutritious, QE for Quick and Easy, S for Spicy, V for Vegetarian, and Y for Yummy! This is my first post using my own original recipe. I did not use any specific measurements. Simply prepare according to your own taste. Pepper Jack and Soyrizo(R) are both spicy, so balance your flavors. Ingredients: Whole wheat bread, toasted Prepared pizza sauce Broccoli Soyrizo(R) Pepper Jack cheese 1. Spread Pizza sauce onto whole wheat toast. I use about 2-3 tablespoons. ...more

Meatless Monday

“Don’t have a cow,” says an ad for a global movement that has upped the ante on going green and living lean.  Meatless Monday has taken its place at tables around the world, including restaurants, celebrities and entire communities, even Ivy League universities.  Mom bloggers, special interest groups, and institutional foodservice contractors are also onboard, while major media outlets avidly cover the trend.  Despite the inevitable backlash from meat producers, Meatless Monday continues...more

Fresh Corn Pasta

Howdy Doo Y’all.  Maybe I’m writing like a cowgirl because I’m wearing my favorite boots....more