Skip the Beef and Try Some Vegetarian Burgers

Burgers can be the perfect easy-to-make summer party food, but nowdays many of us who aren't actually vegetarians are realizing that eating more plants and less meat is a good thing. For anyone trying to eat more veggies, here are ten delicious burger options which don't include meat. ...more
wow, what a great idea to have a veggie burger in my meal plan..Thanks for sharing this ...more

Chocolate Chantilly - "Easy Chocolate Mousse"

Hervé This' Famous Chocolate Chantilly - Prepare the Best Chocolate Mousse using an easy chocolate mousse recipe, molecular gastronomy and two ingredients-water and chocolate....more

Chili Stuffed Poblanos

Good afternoon! If you’ve read my blog much (new though it may be), you’ve probably noticed that I talk a fair amount about cooking. If you haven’t, welcome!  You can find out more about me and Be Not Simply Good here. I love looking through recipes online and in recipe books. I have fun tweaking recipes to make them a little different. I enjoy trying out new dishes!...more

I hope you enjoy it if you do decide to try it! :)more

Garlic Girl's Indian Spiced Chickpeas and Coconut Rice In the last few years I've become more and more enthused with spices and curries from different parts of the world. Of course I didn't grow up with Indian spices or curries (more like garlic and basil), but I'm definitely beginning to discover which flavors and combination of spices appeal to me the most. Today I prepared garbanzo beans with the intention of making hummus, but decided I would split it up and also make something warm and s...more

Thanksgiving Dishes - A Roundup

This year things are going to be a bit different for me for Thanksgiving.  As I'm no longer working in an office, the annual ritual of folks passing by my cube, looking for those last-minute recipe hints or swapping holiday cooking disaster stories (for the record, I don't have any of those) is not going to be taking place.  This also means that I don't have to confess to anyone that I've never actually made the centerpiece of the meal: the turkey. ...more

My Journey into Indian Cooking

I recently became obsessed with learning how to cook quick, healthy, Indian food that tastes good....more

Zero Point Gazpacho

Dear Body, I love you. You help me dance. You help me do my thing. Today's menu will help you do yours optimally and be ab-so-freaking-lutely delicious. Big girl approved, I promise!!   Gazpacho: ZERO weight Watchers Points Recipe DRAMA: No Drama   You'll Need: Blender/Food Processer/Juicer (Not Essential) Knife, cutting board, big bowl   Ingredients: FRESH and RIPE (as in, in-season) tomatoes ...more


Big Lovely


gluten-free apple crisp recipe

Saying no. Sometimes this is the only thing to do. E (my 7 year old) was home with a bit of a flu this week. He has actually been lying on the couch whining and whimpering for several days. Today was the first day he felt better and he asked me to make him an apple crisp, which I gladly obliged. ...more

This looks like such a great recipe! I've been a vegetarian for over 10 years now, but have been ...more