Hunting. Killing. Kids. Food.

Yesterday I went for a run along my usual route.Around familiar corners and through the prettiest neighborhood I came across a car with a sticker on the back that said, "It takes a HUNTER to make a HUNTER!" and below, "Become a hunting mentor."In the backseat was a gigantic rubber turkey. I jumped, it looked so real.I jumped and then I made a face.A disgusted face.I hate dead things and I really hate hunting.I know all the usual reasons that people are pro-hunting....more

Baby Steppin' Vegetarian

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Revisiting Veganism

I've been vegan for over a year now....more

Why I'm Vegetarian, But My Kids Are Not

Forget my wild youth -- until recently, my vegetarianism was my dirty little secret from my kids. For their first five years, they were unaware as they chomped through their dinners of grilled chicken or hamburgers because I always had a built in excuse. We keep kosher and since you can't mix milk and meat in the same meal, I would quickly eat something dairy right before the meat meal and then exclaim, "oh no! Mommy forgot again. So silly! I guess I can't eat dinner with you." Or I'd tell them I was full from lunch or wanted them to have all the grilled chicken because they love it so much. It took until five years of age for my daughter to point out that she has never seen me eat chicken. ...more
I'm having a hard time understanding why you are trying so hard to protect them from other ...more

Dear Pig,

Though we never met,  I want you to know how much I appreciate you giving up your heart valve so my mom could live longer and breathe easier. Mama Iva's aorta was busted but thanks to you, it's working fine now. I meant what I said the night before in my dead-of-night conversation with God, that I would give up meat (especially pork) if your valve could pull her through. I'm keeping the fish though. ...more

Meatless Monday: Brie and Pear Salsa Quesadilla

Oh oh, it’s that day of the week again! Let’s take a little break from livestock and fill up on the other food groups, shall we? Today’s recipe is for a quesadilla! Quesadillas are a yummy choice, but ones that come loaded with sour cream from Taco Bell or a restaurant can result in an unhealthy vegetarian meal–one that includes thousands of calories (Qdoba’s kids’ meal quesadilla. Seriously–look it up.) So why not make your own for a perfect snack or add a salad for a filling meal? ...more

Veg Out

In case you missed it, October is National Vegetarian Month. Daryl Hannah, Claudia Schiffer and Brooke Shields are all vegetarians (so was Albert Einstein - I thought that was interesting). What does this have to do with going green you might ask...well, quite a bit. 18% of total greenhouse gases, 37% of methane gases and 65% of nitrous oxide gases come from animal production. ...more

Tomorrow is World Vegetarian Day: Will you mark the day?

Tomorrow is World Vegetarian Day, a celebration founded by the North American Vegetarian Society back in 1977 as a way to raise awareness about the benefits of vegetarianism. I spend every World Vegetarian Day thinking back to when I first became a vegetarian..and reminding myself why. ...more

I think that, for the most part, I will follow usual vegan diet, but maybe up it a bit ... ...more