I'm a Vegetarian. Don't Judge!

I love vegetables… covered in bacon Hey, plants have feelings too! You can’t afford meat? I can’t live without bacon I like animals… on my plate! Do you eat animal crackers? You carrot-murderer! These are the kinds of comments that I hear all the time. Whenever someone learns that my family and I are vegetarians we brace ourselves. Most of the time people are cool, throw out a few jokes that they seem to think will make us laugh. Sometimes we laugh so it isn’t totally awkward. It is though.  “How do you know someone is a vegetarian? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you!”  Mmmhmm… I’ve heard that one too....more

Veggie Tales

I am an open-minded person and accepting of all things.  I don’t judge people for their beliefs in religion, child rearing or interior decorating tastes.  Partly, because I don’t want to be judged, but mainly because I just don’t care whether they have a baby blue couch sitting on a pale pink carpet with a ducky border in their living room....Continue ...more

Dear PETA: Please lose the blubber from your collective brains

Hey, if you live in Jacksonville, Florida, you may have already seen PETA's latest billboard, which depicts an overweight woman spilling out of her bikini and underneath "Save the Whales" declares, "Lose the blubber: Go vegetarian." Image: Peta.org ...more

It would appear tht PETA is not the only one to associate large women with whales. I recently ...more