Paneer/Cottage cheese and Mushroom veggie Pizza

 Check out my awesome recipe of homemade Veggie Paneer and Mushroom Veggie Pizza..with instant sauce...hassle free and easy to make!!.Check my recipe @ Paneer Mushroom Veggie Pizza  ...more

lazy veggie "sushi"

I have previously professed my love for all things avocado. As I'm a vegetarian, avocado sushi is one of my faves (I also like veggie sushi with cucumber and asparagus too). I was having a little sushi craving the other day and wanted to break in my new rice cooker....more

Vegetarian needing a burger fix - Veggie Burger Recipe

Being a vegetarian in a meat eating family is not difficult, as long as the vegetarian is the one cooking..My mother, (NOT a vegetarian) a.k.a - Mrs. Casserole Queen, is known for trying recipes out on her poor family and she isn't our favorite cook.  so while on a recent island family vacation, she took the liberty of planning the entire menu for the weekend.  Remember we were on an island - So there was no grocery store runs to get this or that. You packed it and brought it or didn't have it....more

Cool Veggie Pizza

Bulking Up So, you've made your resolutions and promised yourself that this year, unlike all the previous ones, is YOUR year! You've joined a gym or invested in several exercise DVDs and have actually started implementing your workout least I hope so! You also cleaned out the junk food from your fridge, freezer, and pantry and have swapped out some items with their lower calorie, lower fat counterparts....more

The veggie whisperer

Toddlers, it turns out, don't always do what you expect. Take my 14-month-old daughter, who until quite recently refused to consume any sort of vegetable. This is, I know, a very tired cliché. But it was still a shocking one for me, since I’m mostly vegetarian, and the vast majority of the food consumed in our home originates from some sort of non-animal source. I had assumed that after being bombarded with plant matter in the womb, my offspring would arrive in the world with an inherent tendency to enjoy all sorts of fresh produce. But, um, no such luck. ...more