Curry spiced lentil burgers

During the summer, especially when grilling is involved, meat tends to take centre stage. Although I’m not vegetarian in the strict sense of the word, I love experimenting with plant-based recipes. One recipe I haven’t managed to nail down yet is a good veggie burger.The fact is, vegetarian burgers can be tricky to pull off. Measuring ingredients can be tedious, but when it comes to meatless burgers the wrong proportions can go horribly wrong. Think brittle or goopy or falling apart all over your grill. Not good!...more

Beef and Veggie Burger with Caramelized Onions and Mushrooms

Now that I have sufficiently gorged myself with food over the holidays, it is time to tone it down a bit.  The jeans are feeling painted on, and if I wore my wedding ring, my finger would be gasping for breath.  Yep!  It’s time for lighter, healthier eating.  This beef and veggie burger fits the bill....more

Forbidden Edamame Cakes with Roasted Carrot Miso Puree + Quick Pickled Radishes

Sometimes I wonder when and how “healthy” food got such a bad rap? People’s preconceived notion that healthy is not tasty, and vice versa, motivates me to create recipes that are drool worthy and nutrient dense. As a Registered Dietitian, I also think it is important to be able to understand food, how to cook and prepare it, and how to help people eat better whether it’s with a food allergy, health condition, or cultural practice. Ultimately, this is my goal with sharing my recipes on my blog.  Today’s post is extra special as it’s Registered Dietitian Day!...more

Vegan Burgers: Mushroom Pecan Slider

I had some fun facebook this morning, playing a guessing game with this photo.  And, Dana quickly identified them as my "Mushroom Pecan Burgers, Take II" from LTEV....more