Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Usually for Christmas Eve, my mom makes a honey ham and we make some of our favorite sides to go with.  In the past, we have madesticky rice, creamed corn, roasted sweet potatoes, scalloped potatoes and other of our favorite mom dishes.  This year, we decided on roasted sweet potatoes and butternut squash and scalloped potatoes.  I have wanted to roast bru...more

What Are You Growing in Your Backyard Garden?

It's that time of year again. School is out, the temperatures are rising, and suddenly you hear the siren call of soil and seed packets. Are you a backyard gardener? With the locavore and sustainable food movements growing, backyard gardens are more popular than ever. Even our First Lady has a veggie garden in the back yard of the White House....more
 @Ashack  I've been teling all my backyard chicken raising relatives that chickens like to eat ...more

Recipe: Grilled Marinated Vegetables

Our review of fancy grilling gear this past week combined with the – finally – warmer weather got us in the mood to fire up the BarB. And I wanted to propose a super simple recipe for you. When I serve these marinated grilled vegetables, I invariably get “wows” and then get asked how I prepared them....more

SpringTime is Garden Time

The transition time between the frigid, wet winter (yes, it gets cold and wet in Southern California too!) and the heat of the summer is, by far, my favorite time of the year. Growing up on the East Coast, spring came in spits and spats with the crocus bulbs blooming through patches of snow and the first robin spotted on the front lawn that looked like it had not seen the sun for months. But once the snow was completely gone and people braved the outdoors wearing only a t-shirt (even though it was still cool outside) you knew that spring had finally arrived in all its glory....more

The farmer in the 'burbs.

It's official--I'm a farmer! In a shameless bit of self promotion, I thought I'd share an article about my heirloom plant company, Garden Delights, that's appearing in the most recent issue of Urban Farm magazine. Urban Farm is a great source of information for those of us with soil in our blood--but who have limited acreage....more

Am looking forward to reading this!

Karen Bojar


Watercress & Gobo Salad

Salads or very simple dishes like marinated vegetables do the great job during the meal. They are just side dishes, but NOT just side dishes. They help you with fresh eating experience. I made watercress and gobo salad. Lime flavor gave me good appetite.

Focaccia Veggie “Pizza”

First of all, I don’t know what to call this bread. Focaccia? Pizza? Tomato sauce, cheese and vegggies on the Focaccia dough. So…Focazza?? Any vegetable can be used for this. I put zucchini, artichoke hearts and olives. Can’t forget to sprinkle some pink salt and black pepper at the end. All my favorites. Since it has all my favorite toppings, it’s hard to decide where to take the first bite…...more

Veggie Pasta Crockpot Bake

The various ingredients: Chopped up veggies and cheese chunks: ...more

Rainy Day Saturday Soup - aka Veggie Soup (non-dairy)

The Souper Rainy Day Saturday Soup: Didn’t Even Have An Onion (non-dairy base)  Description: A version of Minestrone Soup utilizing fresh veggies on-hand, reaching for pantry items to add into soup stock. The completed soup is built upon staples you have on hand for the day.  Your creative efforts produce a one-of-a-kind soup full of nutritious vegetables, pasta/beans.  Can become a complete meal in a bowl....more

Meatballs - The Healthy Way

The Souper Meatballs – The Healthy Way Mixing fresh ground beef with healthy add-ins creates a healthier version of everyone’s favorite meat dish. Baking the newly-created version of my meatballs cuts down on calories as well....more