Hallacas: Unusual & Storied Central & South American Holiday Dish

If you're looking for traditional Central & South American food for the holiday, well here it is! Hallacas, which means "to mix" in the Guarani language, is food carefully prepared days in advance before Christmas. It dates back to the colonial times, when household servants would gather leftovers from the succulent Spanish feasts held at plantations. This resulted in a mixture of beef, pork, chicken, raisins, capers, peppers, onions and olives, all wrapped in cornmeal dough. Then it's folded within plantain leaves then tied with twine....more

The Significance of Hugo Chavez’s Passing

The news of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s passing on Tuesday at age 58 following a battle with cancer evoked strong reaction throughout the world. Just a sampling of the reaction on Twitter shows how his death was either lamented or celebrated. People in Venezuela and throughout the world are just coming to terms with what this loss means and what might happen in a post-Chavez Venezuela. ...more
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