Treating Menopause With Venom

I'm taking snake venom for hot flashes - Lachesis mutus, to be exact. This homeopathic remedy comes from the poisonous venom of the Bushmaster, a greatly feared snake native to Central and South America....more I hear you: raw milk, ACV, fermented cod liver oil and EVCO are our ...more

Bitten By a Rattlesnake, Part 6: How It Ended

“A walker? Do you know what my friends would do to me if they saw me in a walker?” These are women, who, after watching me suffer from a near-fatal snakebite, brought me a rubber snake and venom-laced liquor. They’re tough. You don’t mess around with these women. The first thing they would do is reach for their little iPhones and click, click, click, there I‘d be -— all over the Internet -— pushing a walker with my naked butt hanging out of my oversized “gown.” ...more

I was bitten by a rattlesnake while hiking at Big Sur April 30, 2011. Apparently mine wasn't ...more