Interview with Pemo Theodore: Women-Owned Startup Expert

I recently had the pleasure of connecting with start up coach Pemo Theodore of EZ Biz and Pitch Perfect for a personal interview. Theodore recently teamed up with the Startup Genome to help get a greater number of women to participate in the Startup Genome Compass so that women's voices could be heard as part of the overall DNA of startups. ...more
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The Pipeline Fellowship - A New Brand of Angels

Recently I had the pleasure of catching up with Natalia Oberti Noguera, Founder & CEO of the Pipeline Fellowship to learn more about how they are helping the new breed of women angel investors. Typically only 12% of angel investors are women and Pipeline Fellowship is out to change that. Some recent statistics to that end from 2011 (first and second quarters): ...more
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Money Talks; Everything Else Walks

Recently in a conversation with an associate, we were discussing venture capital opportunities of the past and how we both have invested more than just money but also our time, dedication and expertise; and for a few of those investments we've wound up with some beautiful-looking ownership certificates that have no cash value but make great wall paper....more

Launching a Woman Owned Company

When I left my corporate job in 2006, I never thought that starting my own business would be so hard and also never thought I would be this happy. I just assumed that I would go to the bank and they would say, "Sure Lisa, here is $500,000." It didn't work out like that. I started The Job Matchers in its first phase only doing staffing. I knew that the job board was something I wanted to do, but I wanted to do it right. So, I did it right and that board was a bust because of picking the wrong programmer. Here we are again, up and running and very happy....more

Lisa Stone, CEO BlogHer, Practice Makes Perfect Raising Venture


Financing and Funding: Venture Capital

You have a great business idea, have worked on the business blueprint and done a feasibility check, and have forecast that the business possesses enormous potential for making large profits! In short, everything is in place and the only thing stopping you from taking the plunge is lack of avenues for raising funds....more

Vanity Fair's "New Establishment:" Not New, Not Very Female

In its October 2010 issue, Vanity Fair did its 100 "new establishment" people - some of the 100 spots are occupied by teams, others by individuals or duos. The formal name of the list is "the 100 most influential people of the information age." Guess how many women are in the new establishment? A total of 14 women, and of those, six are paired with men, while only eight are recognized on their own, individually. The menz? A few men must share the spotlight in team settings, but those team props simply add to the total number of included men further dwarfing the total number of women. ...more
I have mixed feelings when it comes to encouraging women to enter the life of an entrepreneur. ...more

Ringing the NASDAQ closing bell: A Small Business Success

I never thought I'd be there, but sure enough – there I was on the stage at the NASDAQ -- part of a group invited to ring the closing bell. What a thrill! ...more

"Mother" is not code for "knows nothing about computers"

I'm spending the summer in Boulder away from my husband and children in Boston, where I'm working on a web startup with Blogheristas Susan Mernit and Catherine Taylor. Boulder is a great town for tech meetups. Pretty much every week you can go somewhere to see people demo alpha or unreleased software or web services. ...more

I have two stories for you. 1) A friend was working on an ecommerce website for an international ...more