Tasteful, Terrific, Taurus Sun: 4/19/14

The Sun moves into stubborn, steady, strong, security focused Taurus on Saturday April 19, 2014. The second sign of the Zodiac has the Bull as its symbol. Perfect! However, since it is ruled by the lovely, romantic planet Venus, earthy Taurus has several other dimensions. It can be practical and dependable, but it’s also, sensual, a lover of beauty, good food and luxury. Loved ones are treated to poetry, music and gourmet restaurants, while getting a lecture on avoiding financial pot holes - nice mix....more

My Own Personal #VenusTransit

I got a little caught up in the whole Venus crossing the sun thing, but with nearly half of our house sick, I didn't really have time to think about it until almost sunset. You know, the witching hour of jammies, brushing teeth, storytime, bedtime. That time of day when the adults are ready to wind down and and the kids are just getting started. That time of day when one errant step leads you down a path of uncontrollable giggles or inexplicable tears. We were actually running ahead of schedule. And then I remembered. Once in a lifetime. ...more
Cross-posting is giving me a huge headache. Sorry for the link jump, but this is photo heavy and ...more

“Bull” Works! Sun in Taurus April 19, 2012

The Second sign of the Zodiac, Taurus, has the Bull as its symbol. Perfect! The Sun moves into stubborn, steady, strong, security focused Taurus on Thursday April 19, 2012. However, since it is ruled by the lovely, romantic planet Venus, this sign has several other dimensions. ...more

Sagittarius – Sun, New Moon, Eclipse, Venus, Mercury: Wow Weekend

Friday November 25, 2011, with both a New Moon and a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, should be a fun day for a retail extravaganza. Not that you should have one, just that the spirit and energy will be there to support you. Actually, a “New Moon”–is a great time to launch, create, kick-off, start something. Power is amped up with Mercury, communication planet, Venus, the planet of love / beauty, and both luminaries all in perky Sag, can lead to lucky, optimistic times – find the greatest bargain, the perfect gift, the bestest tree, manifest a dream. Or, you can hang out with family and friends – socializing works....more
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Full Moon in Affectionate, Practical Taurus 11/10/11

Feeling beautiful, stubborn and material? It might be the vibrations of the upcoming Taurus Full Moon on Thursday 11/10/11. This is a fixed, finance focused Earth sign guided by the elegant, luxury loving planet Venus. ...more

Astrology: Weekend Moon – Solid Taurus/Flighty Gemini 10/14/11

Friday October 14, 2011 is Taurus Moon all day. Venus rules this sensuous yet finance concerned Earth sign along with our current Sun – Airy, beauty loving Libra. Choices to be made? Either tackling that bank statement, or indulging yourself with delicious, chocolate dipped strawberries. Remember, not all things are either/or. “AND” can often work very well too ...more
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Astrology: New Moon in Relationship Focused Libra 9/27/11

As I mentioned when the Sun entered the 7th sign of the Zodiac back on 9/23 – the Libra New Moon occurs early in the morning of Tuesday 9/27 and there will be 5 planets residing in this Air sign – Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Sun and Moon. This could be an amazing time full of charming interactions, relationship building and sparkling creativity.  ...more

Astrology: Weekend – Combustible Aries Moon Switches to Grounded Taurus

If you need to get something done, start and end early on Friday June 24, 2011. The fiery, energetic, aggressive influences of Mars ruled Aries will last until 6:07 PM Eastern/ 3:07 Pacific and then the Moon goes Void of Course until Saturday afternoon. All those “lets go get’em” vibes can lose clarity and focus which can lead to lots of action, but very little finish. Wait, if you can, until the Lunar orb moves into the next sign – Taurus, 4:53PM Eastern/ 1:53PM Pacific on June 25th....more

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Weekend Moon in Aries and Taurus – Action, Love, Finances

All day Friday and Sunday, 5/27 and 5/28, we will feel the influence of the Aries Moon.  This aggressive, impatient Fire sign is ruled by the planet Mars – the unofficial patron saint of warriors.  Arian Moons are great for action rather than mental activity, but still a good time to initiate, take charge- just think it thru and go for it. Use the physicality to burn off any anger or frustration that might lurking. ...more

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