The Basics of Vermicomposting

I'd like to introduce you to my latest army of little garden helpers. Their names are Eisenia foetida, all 2000+ of them. I'm using these cool little red wiggler worms to help me build great soil in my garden through vermicomposting. Now that we're getting settled in our new home, I'm back to creating a more sustainable life, particularly in the kitchen....more

We've Got Worms

    That's right we have worms and we're proud!  How often do you hear that sentiment?  First let me lay your worries to rest neither of the puppies have worms, they're healthy as always.  As far as I know chickens don't get worms, they do eat them but they don't get sick with worms.  Guess how many worms we have?...more

Teaching Vermicomposting to Kids

One of the benefits of earning my latest title - Master Composter - is that I am occasionally called in to service. For the past few months, it has been my great pleasure to visit second and third grade classrooms to introduce the joys of vermicomposting - as in, composting with worms. To an entire generation of local children, I am now known as 'The Worm Lady.'...more
@Julie Adolf Hey Julie, thanks for the kind words. It means a lot coming from someone like you. ...more

Worms: Adventures in Urban Gardening

I have a new fixture on my kitchen countertop: a worm composter. A small black bucket, it's filled with rocks and straw, dead leaves, decomposing kitchen scraps and worms.  As one friend said when I shared the news, "Eww."It's not, though. I mean, I'm a big fan of worms anyway. I've loved them since I was little and my father took us searching for them in the woods with flashlights before the light came up on a camping trip. ...more

Kick-start Winter Composting With -- Well -- Worms.

It's no secret that I hate to see things go to waste. I have been known to dig recyclable items out of the trash and attempt to Freecycle or otherwise give away some of the craziest stuff before I will consider tossing it in the trash. I really have a hard time throwing away table scraps and fruit and vegetable peels, especially considering my children eat fruit like there's no tomorrow. All of that fruit adds up to a whole lot of orange peels, apple cores and watermelon rinds. ...more

Thanks for clarifying the dog doo (er, is that don't?) dilemma with composting.

Where ...more