Meet Zurek, The Man Behind the Voice of BET Networks!

Meet Zurek, The Man Behind the Voice!     Zurek is the Voice over Artist formerly known as “Rick Party.” His career began over 20 years ago in Chicago as a radio personality....more

Meet Social Media Marketing Maven, Pam Lawhorne!

Pam Lawhorne is an online business coach and social networking specialist that teaches entrepreneurs how to increase their visibility, attract more clients and make more money using the powers of the internet and social networking. Pam is an entrepreneur who has more than 15 years of experience and a number of successful business ventures, both online and offline, under her belt....more

Debunking 7 Myths to Success

  Anyone who knows me, knows I’m Anti – “Success,” Anti – “Industry” and Anti – Anybody and Everybody who's in the business of selling dreams and…LIES!...more

Hi Ms. Benita!

Absolutely agree with you! "Success" is a battle you just can't ...more

Risk Taker? Or Flaker! 5 Confidence Boosters to Use Today!

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