Sunshine and Happiness

This much delayed response to multiple award nominations received in September and October shall serve as my NaBloPoMo post for today.   ...more

Versatile Blogger Award

The blogging community can be a truly wonderful place, and I feel very fortunate to have become a member of several groups created for the purpose of sharing, making connections, and both giving and receiving support. ...more
 @aibe You're most welcome! :)more

Versatile Blogger Award

I think my friend Kristen over at Part of the Planawarded me this but with the busy, busy week I’ve had, I could be wrong. But, I’m going to use a healthy dose of ego and roll with it and even if she didn’t, she should have. We’re both Kristens and all.....more

The Versatile Blogger Birthday Dinner Party!

@@BehavioralChild Yay!!!more