She Who Had No Idea

She probably didn't mean to come across as ignorant and ironic.  There was no question, though, that she had an intent. The woman was a fellow federal worker, and we were sitting across from each other for a meeting earlier this week. As the small group of us sat around waiting for the others, we made introductions and small talk. ...more
Years ago, when my then seventeen year old daughter was planning to join the Army (things ...more

Memorial Day

Okay, so Memorial Day itself doesn't actually make me angry. Quite the opposite in fact as I deeply believe our veterans need and deserve their day of honor and remembrance....more

American Hitchhiker, American Heart

He’s doing it. Sean’s* hitchhiking from the middle of America to the Atlantic Ocean.He left Iowa on Sunday. He’s 24, my former student, a writer. Smart, funny, serious. Tough, hopeful, cynical, vulnerable.Yes, he’s read Kerouac’s On the Road.He’s an Iraq war vet-- 2 combat tours, single dad of two boys, a son, a brother, a former Marine.He currently works as a prison guard in a Midwestern state. Not his first choice of a job, but in this economy, it’s just that, a job. He doesn’t complain. He took the week off from work for this trip....more
If you've been following "Hitchhiker," Patrick (aka Sean) has posted his first person story of ...more

Perfect Moment Monday: Freedom Isn’t Free

My Perfect Moment for this week was having the freedom to spend Thanksgiving not only in a state of gratitude but in my home with my son and husband.For some this may come as a given, and for others it might be overstating the obvious. But for more than just a few, it’s a luxury they wish they could be experiencing....more

Want to Be Your Own Boss and Own Your Own Business? Start-Up Help & Money for Veterans

Are you a U.S. military veteran?  An ever-growing number of U-S military veterans are returning home and joining the ranks of entrepreneurship.  ...more