Rape Culture at the Department of Veterans' Affairs

Survivors of rape should not have to hear rape jokes at medical facilities that treats rape survivors. But they do. What is the Department of Veterans’ Affairs doing to combat its rape culture?   Image Credit: Bob Shepard via Flickr ...more
As executive director, how much power/influence do you have over things like this in practice?more

Veterans Fighting the Healthcare Front

Three million: That's how many U.S. soldiers have been deployed in the foreign wars held in Iraq and Afghanistan. I realized this when I read the news on my Facebook feed and yes, that's a very large number indeed!It doesn't even include the thousands of veterans from past wars, including, WW2, Korea, and Vietnam. An article written in the Washington Post says that more than half of these brave soldiers have come home with physical or mental injuries, and the majority of these injured soldiers feel the government is not living up to their healthcare needs. Ouch.Who's Responsible?The Department of Veterans Affairs is the U.S. government agency responsible for the care of returning soldiers. According to a survey conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation, more than half of our injured soldiers feel that the care they have received by the Department of Veterans Affairs has been inadequate or poor....more

American Sniper and what we can do for our veterans

I have been known to share my feelings on movies before..ie The Hurt Locker.  It's no surprise that I have seen just about every single military movie and documentary that has come out recently.  But none, none has stuck with me the way American Sniper has. ...more

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and our Military

Supporting veterans has been an integral part of my becoming a social worker and continuing a higher education to provide therapy.  I wanted to become a counselor to work in the field of drug and alcohol addiction. That changed when my boyfriend and I began living together, eventually having our first child and then getting married. We had made a commitment to each other the moment we moved in; we moved in together because we knew this is it! We are committed and there is no going back. We had our son and life felt complete....more

The King-Sized Sheet: A Veterans Day Story

My 80 year old parents use a fitted sheet on their king-sized bed.  Their one and only fitted sheet.  Once each week, they remove it, put it through the washer and the dryer, and back on the bed it goes.Well, you know what happens after a couple of years of this.  One day recently, my father hauled the sheet out of the dryer, spread it out on the bed, tugged at one of the corners, and rrrriiiippp!  A sheet that is used daily only lasts so long, and this one had reached the end of its natural life....more

Veterans day & Honoring our Heroes

Tomorrow is a very special day. It is a day for taking a moment and honoring those who have or are serving our nation in the armed forces. Men and women who protect not only our freedoms, but the freedom of others around the world, any time “Uncle Sam” calls.Here I share my family's history of serving, and how my local community came out to honor veterans this week....more

The REAL Cost of That 4th of July BBQ

Nothing says, 'Welcome to Summer' like a 4th of July BBQ. Most years, my thoughts about the 4th of July range from where we are watching the fireworks to what we are eating to what sales I can take advantage of. God bless America, right? ...more

Wounded Warriors and Veterans Day

Julie from Just Jules ...more

My Heroes

I was born in 1951.  They called that era The Happy Days.  Our parents generation made it through the Great Depression and a couple of wars.  Days ahead were promising to them.  My parents left the crowded neighborhoods of North Jersey and bought a home at "The Jersey Shore" - even though it was about a twenty minute drive to the beach.  Things looking good....more

In Honor of the Sacrifice

Today is VE Day.  For the remaining veterans and those who have already passed; all honor and respect....more