Veteran's Day Salute to my Dad

As Veteran’s Day draws to a close, I’d like to do a little reminiscing about my Dad. My Dad is a Navy man. He knew he was going to be called up to serve, so he wanted to choose which branch of the military he would be in. The chuckle in our family is that he chose the Navy because they had better food!...more

In Flanders Fields: A Poem About Life


Remember Our Veterans...

Today's prompt for NaBloPoMo was "if you could eliminate one worry..." off the top of my head, I thought, "money."  Which is 100% true.  If I (we) didn't have to worry about car/student loan/ credit card payments, the day to day stuff would be a breeze....more

Nov 11 - Honored

Happy Veteran's Day!I am a Daughter of the American Revolution.Descended from soldiers who fought in both World Wars.Had family that fought on both sides of the Civil War.Grew up as an Army brat to a father, uncles, aunts and cousins who are Veterans of the Vietnam War....more
Nice to meet you! Totally saying 'Thank You' to every Veteran I see today!more

Spend Less Save More: Support a soldier on Veteran's Day

2013 Countdown to Christmas 43 Days:  Support a soldier on Veteran's DaySome quick ways to support veterans today upgrade a soldier’s helmet   for as little as $35.00 you can provide a solider with cushioning helmet pads to help protect against traumatic brain injury by visiting ...more

Semper Fi, Marine

As is my nature, I can consider myself an authority on any subject while in command of the least bit of knowledge. So, before I met my husband, who was Active Duty U.S.M.C., when we met, I thought I knew all about military sacrifice and service. After all, my father had left college when he was drafted into World War II....more
@elaineR.N. Hello there, Nurse Plummer! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Yes, so much from ...more

Cost of Freedom Tribute - The Travelling Wall

My father served in the Army in Korea. He was there when Kennedy was shot. He used to tell us "War Stories" after dinner around our table. The stories he told were about the crazy, funny antics of military life. They were never the serious, sad, losing people stories. We were little girls....more
@Cindyhuber Thank you, Cindy. That means a lot to me, especially since I so appreciate your writing!more

Why I Choose To Wear the Remembrance Day Poppy

Remembrance Day is upon us - the day the Armistice was put into place that ended the First World War, and the day that Canadians take a moment on November 11 to bow our heads at the stroke of 11 AM. We remember our veterans, our dead, and the victims and senselessness of war....more

Veteran's Day... From Our Family's Vantage Point

A Life Full of Days......more