Is Race-Based Bullying the "Elephant in the Room?"

Despite all the recent online campaigns and the media’s effort to increase awareness of the effects of bullying, there has been little interest in discussing the cause. There have been several public initiatives to combat racism, but no one has looked at the effects of race-based bullying has on its victims. We do not hear about the suicides, the depression, the inability to trust people and the ability to forgive. Instead what happens is a whole lot of denial. ...more
har randamace Sorry Har, Orthodox Jewish people, like Islamic fundamentalists do not deserve any ...more

Getting a Good Vibe from Pontiac at the New York Auto Show

I had an opportunity to do a walk around and review the 2009 Pontiac Vibe with Dave Poniatowski, Pontiac Product Manager of the Vibe and Solstice. It was a bit of a change of pace from all the focus that was placed on the three new entrants (Solstice Coupe, G8 GXP, and G8 Sport Truck). Many of our readers have asked about the Vibe and Dave was kind enough to give me a personal tour at the New York Auto Show last week. ...more

I had a Vibe and it was the best car I'd ever had- never had a single problem with it. When it ...more

Vibe, Versa, Verve.......... Varoooooooooom!

The Detroit Auto Show was touting so many Hybrid's I thought I would mention some petrol -powered cars with plenty of fuel economy now and on the horizon. ...more