Ryan Rouses GOP Crowd But Condi Takes the Cake

Tonight at the Republican National Convention, Ryan did what he was supposed to do: deliver a rousing speech that spoke to the party's core values of fiscal restraint, job recovery and a leadership that would not fail in the face of the troubling economic issues that have hampered American's optimism and sense of destiny. Image: © Harry E. Walker/MCT/ZUMAPRESS.com...more
I am not a fan of Professor Rice nor of what I heard of her speech. I love the Condi-Hillary ...more

Top Five Better Vice Presidents Than Paul Ryan

On Saturday, Bland White Dude in Waiting Mitt Romney announced super-aggressive youngster Paul Ryan as his running mate in the 2012 presidential election....more

Is Romney's VP Pick Paul Ryan Giving Up on Centrist Voters?

Romney has decided to take a sharp right turn with his campaign in choosing Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan for his running mate. After months of speculation that Republican VP nominee would be someone white, male and boring, it seems the pundits were mostly right: Ryan is white and male. ...more

Fiscal Hawk Paul Ryan Jumps on Romney Ticket as VP

After months of intense speculation about who Mitt Romney would select as his running mate -- everyone from senators Kelly Ayotte and Marco Rubio to governors Bobby Jindal and Chris Christie -- it comes down to a 42-year-old newbie congressman: Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan If that doesn't make some Republicans sweat just a tad, then they should check their A/C....more
Total lie that Ryan is a "deficit hawk."  He is only a "deficit hawk" if you mean someone who ...more

Vice Presidents

Joe Biden has been a good vice president in the sense that he has supported the President and been loyal.  His responsibilities have been minimal as with most of his predecessors.  Should he be considered for the advancement to being a candidate for president in 2016....more

The Romney Veepstakes: Will He Pick a Game Changer?

Mitt Romney has spent the primary season making sure we know how important it is that our next president has executive experience. He's reminded us at every turn how much of his life he's spent at the helm of corporations, even seizing a couple of uncouth opportunities to tell us how many friends in high places his success in executive positions have earned him....more
 @moderndaypearls Thanks for the link.  I do worry that choosing a woman will become a fad, and ...more


A few days ago my daughter phoned from college with the news that she had been asked to run for the Executive Branch of student government at college. This comes as no surprise since this year Elizabeth was elected to serve on her student Senate.  Bubbling with excitement Elizabeth relayed, "John is running for President, Fentriss for Vice-President, James for Treasurer...and they want me to join their slate and run for Secretary." "Secretary?!"  I queried. ...more

you shouldn't be able to push the button if you can't say the word

nucular. nuc-ular. nucuuuuuular. NUCULAR is not a word. nuc-lear is a word. allow me to spell it phonetically: noo-klee-er. from the french word nucléaire, which means unpronounceable on television by substandard vice presidential candidates. of all the things that bothered me about last night’s debate (and believe me there were a few), this mispronunciation takes the cake, and here’s why: ...more

W&W: Can Netroots Entertainers Galvanize Youth Vote?

So if the financial market doesn't implode first, the media may just explode in anticipation before Thursday's VP debate. Are expectations so low at this point that Sarah Palin wins just by showing up and sounding intelligent? ...more

Just so you can say that you read it here first...

  Sarah Palin is going to go the way of Harriet Miers. She is, ironically, the sacrificial lamb of McCain campaign strategists (read: Karl Rove). ...more

Unless they (the McCain team) offers her a sweet deal that she cannot refuse.

Maybe ...more