Awaiting November's Promises

I exist crippled in a state of fear, awaiting the outcome of the November election. Our nation is sitting on a weakened foundation where its people are hurt and broken. In a time when we need to come together to heal and strengthen, we seem to have divided. ...more

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"Our country needs a President that is brilliant, logical, ...more

Next debate, please.


Why I HATE Sarah Palin

I hate her cause she doesnt answer peoples questions. She sticks to an artfully crafted script of the GOPs greatest hits-the same hockey mom pitbull w/lipstick bullshit-& refuses 2 answer anything else. I hate her cause she preaches til shes blue in the face about abstinence-not only a completely unrealistic thing to teach kids,but the stupid woman stands by it even in face of the fact that it doesnt WORK. Her own kid is knocked up & last time I checked she wasnt exactly married. Im sorry,but Im pretty sure that one needs to have SEX in order for one to GET pregnant. ...more

Charlie Gibson interviews Sarah Palin: The Meeting Poetry

I’m not into politics. For one thing, I just don’t connect entirely with either party’s black and white world views. For another thing, I just don’t entirely trust our government. Blame one too many Matt Damon Hollywood blockbuster, but I think there are just too many conspiracies out there for none of them to be true. But mostly I’m not into politics -- because despite all the mantras, I still don’t believe that my vote counts; that my opinion is loud enough to resonate a difference. ...more

Why does Sarah Palin make me cry?

I've been very emotional about Sarah Palin since her announcement a week ago, and I have genuinely tried to examine why. I like her, I identify with her loving a big family, I appreciate that she lives unapologetically. I deeply, and very personally, celebrate that she is a high-profile example of how we should value all babies, even the inconvenient and the imperfect. Even when it changes your life and breaks your heart. ...more

Sarah Palin Needs to Bow Out of the Veepstakes Before She Destroys McCain

If anyone wondered whether Sarah Palin had the judgement and experience to be "a heartbeat away from the presidency," the last few days should have cleared up the confusion. Would any other mother who gave birth to a baby with Down's Syndrome go to work just three days later, as the world has learned she did? Would any other mother subject her unemployed, unwed, pregnant teenage daughter to international scrutiny in the pursuit of her own career advancement? ...more

If we're going to go there, then let's go there across the board. :-)

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Sarah Palin is Only "Green" When It Comes to Experience

Before women fall into rapture over the nomination of Sarah Palin to the GOP Presidential ticket, they should pause long enough to examine her record. Political pundits have focused on her cred as a social conservative. But where does she stand on the environment? Take a look at the summary of her record compiled by ...more

Sarah Palin for Vice President? - I Think I Need a Reality Check

As a Democrat, my initial reaction to John McCain's choice of running mate was one of disbelief quickly followed by wicked glee.  A "hockey-mom" from Alaska, mayor of a town of all of 9000, an inexperienced Governor who is still trying to get a handle on things?  (Snort) How awful and yet, for the Democrats, how wonderful!  McCain just blew a hole in his own sinking ship!.  Woohoooooo!! ...more

Lori, I hope this makes you smile.

It's an anti-Sarah Palin song on  It's ...more

Obama and Palin leave my heart exhausted

Though I am not a Democrat, I thought they put on a great show this last week. I couldn't help but admire their earnestness and eagerness to improve America. And no one can deny that Bill Clinton is a very genuine and persuasive speaker, he had even me wondering why it is I am voting for McCain? (Oh, yeah Iraq, energy and drilling, conservative judges, sanctity of life, the first amendment .) ...more

If Sarah Palin Were a Man, There's No Way She Would be the VEEP Pick!

It's the irony of ironies. The Democrats couldn't bring themselves to nominate a woman with 35 years' experience fighting for women, children, the environment, health care, and veterans. Now the Republicans nominate a woman with about as much experience governing as my dog and a track record that is decidedly anti-environment, anti-choice, and anti-progressive but pro guns. I'm going to take five seconds to lick my wounds. ...more

I just joined BlogHer, and aspire to someday be more of a contributor, but for now I'll be a ...more