Debate #2: Simmer Down Reps, Biden's Winning this Round

Republicans, brace yourselves for a loss. After a victorious debate for challenger Gov. Mitt Romney, stakes are high for President Obama's running mate, Vice President Joe Biden, going into his debate with Rep. Paul Ryan Thursday evening - and odds are the elder statesman will win this playground fight. Two reasons this outcome seems inevitable:...more
@Aimee Whetstine Indeed I am. Perhaps long enough to hang himself? We'll see.more

Equality Means Equal Treatment, Even When the Treatment is Tough

Thank you Katie Couric for the follow-up questions. You pressed Sarah Palin, asked for specifics, and you weren't afraid of inspecting her and her record. Charles Gibson could learn a thing or two from you. I just hoped it wasn't the case that you felt safe challenging Palin because you yourself are a woman. And I had hoped Charlie Gibson didn't avoid being tough with her because he's a man. ...more

A woman who comes out of the gate calling herself a pitbull and ridiculing the other ...more

Single Women’s Top 5 Debate Questions for Palin and Biden

Thursday is a very big day: the debate between the vice presidential candidates, Senator Joe Biden (D) and Governor Sarah Palin (R). And frankly, TV and radio pundits, I'm not interested in what Palin will be wearing, or whether a frown from Biden means he's being "mean" to her. Joe BidenIn fact, I want both of them in the hot seat. Because single women have concerns they need addressed-honestly, openly, and immediately-by our political candidates. We are the Lipstick Lobby-but we're not looking for lip service. ...more