Gifs Are Bad, Mmkay?

Look, so a lot of my friends don't like the debates. This completely shocked me because I love them. And not only do I love them, but I love all the hoopla that comes along with them. I love the random shouting of stupid things on the internet. I mean, otherwise would I even have a Facebook account?The truth is, the people complaining about my superb FB statuses, with such gems as "Oh, a whole MILLION people, Ryan? That's your small businesses?"And: "SIX WHOLE studies?"...more

Some love her, some hate her

My husband, manly-er than many good men that have come before him, absolutely giddy at watching Sarah Palin in last night's debate. I mean, down-right, school boy, can't wipe that silly smile off his face, kindergarten crush giddy, people. GIDDY! *************************************************************** ...more

Incredible Restraint

This is how the debate actually went! Joe Biden behaved himself well, considering he was up against the offspring of Gomer Pyle and Jed Clampett. However, no gay marriage? Still? Really? Joe Biden and Barack Obama, your bigotry continues to astound me. ...more

you shouldn't be able to push the button if you can't say the word

nucular. nuc-ular. nucuuuuuular. NUCULAR is not a word. nuc-lear is a word. allow me to spell it phonetically: noo-klee-er. from the french word nucléaire, which means unpronounceable on television by substandard vice presidential candidates. of all the things that bothered me about last night’s debate (and believe me there were a few), this mispronunciation takes the cake, and here’s why: ...more