Gravity Pulls You In: An Interview With Kyra Anderson

Seven years ago, when my two-year-old son Leo was declared "autistic," it was difficult to find books about his many possible futures. The most popular 2003 autism books from parents' perspectives -- Catherine Maurice's Let Me Hear Your Voice, and Karyn Seroussi's Unraveling the Mystery of Autism -- were tales of hope, but also of autism conquered and cured....more

What a great interview!  Progress with respect to autism supports & services will ...more

This Lovely Life: An Interview With Vicki Forman

A certain self-abnegating strength is required to write about children with special needs, to share wrenching experiences with honesty and dignity, while refusing to accommodate pity. ...more

My sister is raising a special needs child. My niece was born well under 2 pounds. She is now ...more