Why Are People So Shocked When They Learn Who the Rapist Is?

I am a prosecutor, and I want you to know that RAPISTS are not simply the people that kidnap you, put you in the trunk of a car, or rape you in an alley. Public domain image via Pixabay In fact, over the last eight years that I’ve been an attorney, most rapists I’ve met wouldn’t even come close to that definition. Most of the rapists I’ve prosecuted are well known to their victims....more
Every woman should read this, regardless of age or race. Sadly, it is the true reality. ...more

Stop Telling Feminist Women They’re 'Playing the Victim'

Here's why the term "playing the victim" is so wrong....more

Man beheaded in break-in, missing Wife’s Body found

In Putnam County, Georgia, a crazed killer may be on the loose (if he’s not already in another state by now). He (and maybe he had an accomplice) beheaded Russell Dermond, 88. Nobody knows why. At the time his decapitated body was found, his wife, Shirley, 87, was missing. But two weeks later her body was found near a dam, dead from blunt force trauma.Dermond’s head has not been located....more


In order to continue this story, let's review a few glossary terms that I made up to describe my final two years in Second Life.  Note that most of these ocurred 'outside' the game itself. In real life:Religion-holinghttp://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Religion-holing&defid=6254768 netPIMP...more

Are You a Victim or a Victor? The Choice Is Yours


A Response to Hank: The Stuebenville Rape Case

Lately, there has been a lot of coverage in the media regarding the Stuebenville rape case. Everyone has something to say about it. Even Henry Rollins blogged about it. Interestingly, it was his post that fired me up a bit. While I found Hank's comments diplomatic and his tone sufficiently outraged, I still felt that he narrowly missed the point....more

A Mass Shooting Survivor Pushes For Gun Control in Wake of Colorado Tragedy

The mass shootings in Aurora, Colorado last Friday hit especially close to home for me. In 1999, I was shot when an armed gunman walked into a Jewish Community Center day camp near Los Angeles California. There were five of us wounded and one who was killed. At the time, this was considered a mass shooting. It is crazy that now this is looked at as a small amount of victims....more
Disarming the good guys will never stop the bad guys, it just makes it easier for the bad guys ...more

Are You A Victim?

There are many people who are frequently seriously affected with the thought that they are under attack. Inside their imagination, unkind men and women, Satan, or the demons of the devil currently have zeroed in on these people. I present for you the following question. What is the point at which we do people subject to victim thinking? The explanation to this question is more involved than just what many people tend to think....more

SlutWalk, Stripping and Public Speaking

I am a mother, a daughter, a lover, a sexuality advocate, a rape survivor and a writer. I am a writer because I am actually very shy. Though I routinely and happily show my speckled soul in all it's gory glory to the universe, I do it with the entire Internet between my readers and myself....more

Know It. Name It. Stop It. Stalking Awareness Month Part II

Friend or Foe Through the years, I've had a few friends who stepped crossed the line of being friendly and became overbearing; who showed up at my door uninvited at inconvenient times; who was angry with me for not answering my phone when she called, repeatedly; who sometimes drove to my home to tell me she had been calling and I was not answering; who was jealous of the time I spent with DH (who was then Dear Boyfriend); who gave me expensive gifts; and the list goes on. These things made me nervous at times; angry at times; and left me feeling stuck in the "friendship." ...more
It's a sign of the stalkers frustration and lust for controlling his victim. I wish I had the ...more