Victoria Beckham Buzzes For Bee Panacea: I Tried It

Cool, sleek and always chic, Victoria Beckham seems to know how to achieve everything from the perfect career to the perfect family. So when I read that she was buzzing with excitement over a product made from superfoods mixed with honey, I decided to give it a try. ...more

Does Victoria Beckham Drive a Van?

I like to think that if we ever have the chance to meet, Mrs. Beckham and I would become friends. Vicks (that is the nickname I would give her) and I would bond over stories of our boys' rough housing and the cuteness of her daughter would make me seriously consider having a third. Over Friday night drinks we would joke about our distaste for board game nights and complain about our husband's hectic work schedules. She would take pity on me for my fashion blunders and take me under her style wing, dressing me in none other than her own couture. We would be besties within a week. ...more

Victoria Beckham Style

Hi ladies!If you've been following my blog, you'll remember I did a Charlize Theron "style" post that was pretty popular a couple of weeks ago. I enjoyed doing the post so much I'm going to keep it up and tonight's stars Victoria Beckham.I really enjoy putting these posts together as it's almost kind of a pinterest inspiration board for my blog! I love all of the pictures!Check out my pics tonight! Do you like Victoria Beckham's style? ...more

Celebrities are also people

Celebrities are also people, and drinking times one over the eight. Some VIPs overdo it but also - and we mean not just Amy Winehouse!...more

How to tell if Victoria Beckham's baby is a girl...

Posh Spice has a bun in the oven. The big question now is if she's carrying it high, or low. Supposedly a high baby indicates a girl. And after three boys (isn't that half a soccer team?) Mrs. Beckham deserves a little sugar in her life....more

Victoria Beckham Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection

A lot of people have an opinion on Victoria Beckham, her life, her dress sense, her marriage, her pout, her handbag collection etc etc. I don't know her (funnily enough) but in my opinion, the woman sure can design a dress. ...more