Victoria: This three year old girl's story just got Worse!

Do you remember Victoria? The three year old girl attacked by a Pitbull that I wrote about before? And I wrote that she and her family was asked to leave a KFC, because she was told that she was 'scaring the customers'? Well, guess what. It turns out, that could have been a hoax. ...more

Victoria's Victories!

How many of you have heard the story about the three year old girl that was mauled by three vicious pitbulls?  Well, in case you haven't, her name is Victoria and she is absolutely adorable. How this tragic accident happen was, she was visiting her Grandfather and his girlfriend, when three vicious dogs broke into the house. Once they did, the dogs began to attack Victoria, brutally. Because of this, Victoria lost her right eye, suffered broken jaws and is paralyzed in the right side of her face. ...more
illustrator What beauty and honesty is displayed in your words! I love this comment and it is so ...more