The Ethics of "Always on Camera": Olympic Luger's Death Creates Dilemma for Journalists

When Nodar Kumaritashvili met his tragic end last week on the luge track at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver,  the world lost a great athlete, and NBC faced the dilemma of whether or not to show the graphic video and still images. The fact that it's a common dilemma doesn't make it any easier. ...more

Once I knew what the video was about, I didn't watch. I learned with the 9/11 attacks that ...more

Top 10 Posts 2009

I saw some other sites doing this and thought that it was neat. Here are my favorite posts from my site during 2009. It Finally Happened ...more

Interview With BlogHer's Gina Garrubbo

As some of you may know, my business partner and I conducted a video interview with BlogHer's very own Gina Garrubbo not too long ago in her Manhattan office.  Gina is's featured Mom Mentor this month (along with Dina Manzo of The Real Housewives of NJ). is made up of a community of return to work and working moms who gain inspiration and a sense of empowerment from women like Gina.  ...more

Hi Jory,

Gina had wonderful things to say about you too. We did ask her, in fact, how ...more

Wanna Go to Davos? Pitch Your Cause on YouTube

Do you think your organization, or cause should be represented at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland? Make your pitch in a YouTube video by January 4, 2010.According to the Official YouTube blog post, One Week to Make Your Pitch to Attend Davos!:...more

Write a Letter, Make a Video, Embrace Diversity: December 10th is Human Rights Day

"All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood"--Article 1 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights...more
I'm so glad you're paying attention to this day too! Thought I'd share my International Human ...more

Thoughts About Buying The Right Digital Camcorder

It began with a question from Texas Mama. She needs to move up to a digital camcorder but doesn’t know what to buy. I understand, it can be a challenge. What most people want is to create a video that will share a memory, a concept or a situation. ...more

I bought my computer in 2006 but the SDHC memory cards were just coming out.  So yeah, ...more

Gloria Allred was with me on December 4th at 12:30pm

When my business partner and I received an email from Gloria this past Friday stating that she was suddenly free for our video interview, we were shocked and thrilled. We knew she was in the midst of the Tiger Woods case and as such, we were originally set to visit her Malibu home on Saturday. We later learned that she cancelled her press conference that, according to her daughter Lisa, was most likely due to a settlement from the parties at hand....more

Miss School? You Can Listen in for Free.

There is a change in how education is being distributed, from elementary school to the college and university level. This is the time to ask yourself, "What do you want to learn?" I posed the question because there may be a free or open source education content that can fit your limited time availability, your energy and your desire to learn a subject. These are the beginning stages of an educational transformation. There is phenomenal educational content waiting for engagement. The class you need to feed your soul maybe as close as an mp3 recording or a video ready for download. ...more

Breast Cancer Survivors: Sharing Their Stories In Words and In Video

This is a post in honor of breast cancer survivors. They are women sharing their stories of hope, struggle, determination, and survival. Some are in words and some are in video. Midlife Breast Cancer Survivor Remembers Her First Day Back To Work... ...more

Sharing or Creating Video with Facebook

Facebook is a great way to share information with your community. Most of us use it regularly to provide quick updates about what we’re doing, where we’re going, or a news story that interests us. Most of us also regularly upload pictures to share with our communities. You know what I’ve noticed, though? Not many people are using Facebook’s video features. I’m not sure if that’s because not many people use video (really? I find that hard to believe--where are the vloggers?) or people just don’t know how (which I think is more likely). If the lack of video stems from the former reason, I can’t help; if it stems from the latter, read on! I’m going to explain how you can upload video to your Facebook account or create a completely new video on the fly on your Facebook profile....more

Thanks for this post Melanie.  A few months ago I spent hours trying to get some videos ...more