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My video Blog

this is my first entry of my video blog!!!!   ...more

YouTube: Haven for Celebrities, Conspiracy Theorists, & 12 Year Olds

Social Media Mythbusters for Writers 2Myth No. 2 YouTube is only for celebrities, conspiracy theorists, and 12 year olds. ...more

Music Marketing Experts contributes to the success of over 250 artists since 1991

Web 'n Retail is the Online Marketing division of Rock 'n Retail, LLC; music marketing experts since 1991.   We have comprehensive campaigns crossing over all areas of viral marketing, publicity and SEO; or we offer cost efficient A La Carte services.  We have helped over 250 clients to drive sales &traffic for hard goods, digital downloads, website launches, event ticket sales and more....more

Creating a Vlog in a Conference Setting

This is my 2 cents on what to think about if you intend to shoot video in a conference setting. Just remember, 2 cents doesn't go all that far these days. ...more

Heehee... can't beat the hard-cold fact of reality, right? :)

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Using Video to Build Content

One of the essential tenets of blogging is bringing value to your readers. Sure, you're witty and intelligent--it shows in your writing--but sometimes you want (and need) to take it up a notch. How can you add value and interest to your posts? Use podcasts, photos, and videos to enhance what you already have. In this three-part series, I'll cover how each of these can help you build the content of your blog and offer even more value to your readers. So far we've tackled podcasting and photos. Today we wrap up the series with a discussion of video (but I'm going to skip the obvious and not discuss Gary Vaynerchuck). ...more

I'm a bit late at commenting.  Thanks for including a link to my videos.

I love the way ...more

BlogHer Business '08: Videos of the Sessions and Interviews

We're very pleased to announce that this year, every session at BlogHer Business was recorded on video! So whether you attended and want a refresher or weren't able to be there in person, we have a great excuse for you to sit back, plug in your headphones, and explain to your boss that you're actually working. ...more