How to Use Content Samurai to Go Blog-to-Video

You no longer have a choice whether or not to deliver your content through video.Video is now the primary way people want to learn, shop, and interact online.According to a report from Cisco, by 2020, over 82% of ALL web traffic will come from video....more

Three Reasons To Utilize More Videos In Your Digital Marketing

Video is on the rise in the social media game....more

Marketing With Video: A Small Business Owner’s Beginner Guide

With new video apps popping up all the time and social media giants like Facebook adding its own video uploading service, it’s hard to ignore the trend....more

How Video Affects Mobile Ranking, And Why You Need To Care

by Mary C. LongYou won’t get anyone to tune into a show or buy a movie ticket if a trailer or other video content isn’t the main event of your marketing campaign. But if your video landing page isn’t optimized for mobile, your entire campaign is over before the curtain even goes up. ...more

Performance Marketing Is Taking Over

by Mary C. LongIn its list of 25 Video Marketing Statistics for 2015, HubSpot reports, "Online video now accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic." That's one of many reasons marketers must embrace it. But if your video strategy doesn't include performance marketing, you're missing a huge opportunity. ​...more

Vine – The Newest in Social Media Evolution

Ever used Vine for marketing? Vine is an excellent video tool for branding your products and services. Here is a blog written by Eric Pangburn, Web Success Team contributor, about the benefits of Vine....more

How to Create Videos to Market Your Services

Video marketing is the next best thing to being there "live" with someone. It is a crucial tool for small business owners to market their services. Here is a great how-to from Karyn Greenstreet with 8 solid tips (born from the author's first great video adventure) to help you do it right. ...more
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Women and Video: How to Get Into the Game

Women inspire me. Seeing women using video and sharing their stories inspires me even more. Just recently I was moved by a video of Nepalese women who were learning video production in order to share how climate change has impacted their lives. I was touched by their curiosity, desire to learn, and hopes for the future. All of this brought about through video. ...more

Dollar Shave Club: How to Launch a Startup with Creativity, Style, and Humor

I absolutely love hearing about startups, businesses, and work that people do that comes from them owning who they are and doing it with a sense of style and humor. Today my husband shared a new advertising video that one of our best friends sent him that was released this past Tuesday by a startup called Dollar Shave Club.   ...more
Humor is so important! Searching for examples of humor in social media and found this post, very ...more

Best Video Marketing Tips

 Best Video Marketing TipsCindy King, Social Media Examiner's Managing Editor, asked me to contribute to this extremely useful post on Video Marketing tips. Mine are #22 in the line up, and I'd like to share a one that got left out due to the amount of room for the overall post. Hope you enjoy!...more