How to Curl Hair ~ Video Tutorial


iMovie Tutorial: Video within Video + A Dose of Silliness

When I walked into my first Toastmasters meeting a year ago I WAS TERRIFIED.My mentor still loves to joke about the first time she met me -- I crossed my arms, made little eye contact, and shook when I spoke.  I felt totally out of place -- I was completely out of my element....more

How to Schedule a Facebook Post in Less Than 60 Seconds

As president of my Toastmasters Club, I've learned that communication is key. And to be a good communicator you need consistency, clarity, and most importantly, a good dose of caffeine.When I sit down in front of my computer to answer emails or post events on our Facebook page, I have my large cup of coffee right next to me with another one brewing in the kitchen. (Well, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but you get the point.)...more

Get an Easy Google+ Short Link: Video Tutorial

Are you on Google+ yet?If not, hit me up for an invitation and save this jewel for future reference.If so, please "circle" me at and check out this really fast, really smart tool: Gplus.toHere's a quick tutorial: ...more

Bloggers! Video tutorial shows you how to add Facebook Like Box to your Blog.

Having WordPress is great fun. It's even more fun when people come to visit, leave comments, and like your Facebook Page while they're at it!...more

How to Feature YouTube Videos on WordPress

Are you a WordPress Blogger interested in more Training? Now that we've covered how to edit text in WordPress Pages and Posts, it's prob...more

Video Tutorial: How to Edit Text in WordPress Pages and Posts

Are you a newcomer to the wide world of WordPress blogging? ...more

Facebook Friend Lists-A Lifesaving Video Tutorial

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Lori ...more

(Video Tutorial) How to Create a Striped Background Pattern Using Photoshop

Last week, I showed you how to create a banner in Photoshop. That's great n' all, but wouldn't it be nice to snazz up your blog further with a background pattern? In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create a simple, but popular, style of background pattern – stripes. From there, you can let your imagination go nuts. ...more

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Tutorial Links: Learn HTML, CSS, and WordPress

I have been a collector my entire life. I think I come by it naturally since my mother's side of the family tends to "collect" things in the form of never throwing anything away on the off chance it might be valuable or hold the key to the family's history. From reality television, I now know they are hoarders, not collectors. Me? I tend to deny my problem because what I mostly collect are links. That is, when I read an article online that I think may come in handy some day, I save the link. I have a folder on my computer's desktop called mhl, (short for Mighty Helpful Links). Within that folder are sub-folders for specific categories for things like SEO, vlogging, analytics, etc. Oh, yes. Make no mistake: I hoard links. Today, though, that may work in your favor--especially if you're at all interested in learning the basics of HTML or CSS or have a WordPress blog you'd like to tweak. That's right, folks, I'm sharing some of my links to tutorials. ...more

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