Small Business Tip: Turn a 60 Second Video into a Meeting at Sam's Club

Got a great idea for a short video to promote your business?  A minute long video could be your ticket to promoting your business and winning an all expense paid business building trip to one of the nation's largest retailers and meetings with buyers and suppliers.   It is a new competition underway for entrepreneurs and small business owners. ...more

20 Environmental/Green Nonprofit YouTube Channels

One of my many favorite things about my new iPhone (wahoo!) is that it's easy to watch my YouTube subscriptions. Whenever I need a little pick me up, I watch videos of the new kitties who are ready for adoption through a local organization, Maine Coon Adoptions, where we got our first cat. ...more
Notice how all of these channels are associated with giant NPO's / NGO's, and most of those ...more

Redrum! Redrum! NOM's New Ad Uses Children To Scare Adults

On the heels of its ridiculous "Gathering Storm" video, the  ...more

First Post! My Thoughts On Going Green In My Work.

Hello everyone!  I just learned about this site and it really looks to be a great community!  With this being my first blog post, I just wanted to see how everything works :).   To sum things up, I work in the real estate industry, but with times being the way that they are, I thought it might be a good idea to change things up and try out some new ideas.  ...more

Seizures, Smiling, Boxes, and Moms....Oh MY!

I have so much to blog about today, that my head is spinning. This could be a long post people so strap on your big person boots, and hold on for the ride. Let me preface this with reminding you that I am a blogger, not a writer. My sentence structure, and grammar could always be better, but I simply speak from the heart. I feel I lose some of that if I have someone proofread my errors. So thank you for bearing with me. ...more

It's easy to solve this for future posts. Just click the words input format, right below the box ...more

What's New At Hulu and How YouTube Is Fighting Back

Last week was the first anniversary of a milestone in online video:  it was Hulu's birthday and across the internet, tech and video gurus alike are taking stock of the popular video site. Just as I predicted in my post about the site last year, Hulu has become a huge hit.  ...more

It never occurred to me because I don't have any hearing issues, but you're right, Hulu ...more

Whether I like it or not...

I know you're all dying for another episode of Denise's Vocab and Other Strange Things. I know you're also very disappointed that I didn't get this video uploaded in time to link it to my Kindle for iPhone post. I'm sorry. I'll try to do better because why should we, the members of her family, have all of the pleasure of her videography skilz? ...more

Explaining equity....

After we dropped RJ and Prince J off at school yesterday morning, we had some time to kill before we could drop off Liz. So, we did the only smart thing... we headed to Starbucks. As we were sitting at a light on Dempster, Liz said something like, "Evanston must be the only place with a question bank." As I was thinking about telling her that we were actually in Skokie and question her about "question banks", TW asked what the heck she was talking about. Liz said "A question bank". TW said "What's a question bank?" Liz said "NO not a question bank an equestrian bank." ...more

She's a wee bit taller but otherwise, the same. Still can't find a pair of pants that fit her ...more

Want to Be Your Own Boss and Own Your Own Business? Start-Up Help & Money for Veterans

Are you a U.S. military veteran?  An ever-growing number of U-S military veterans are returning home and joining the ranks of entrepreneurship.  ...more