Fun with Beyonce "Single Ladies" Video Parodies

She's with the Obamas.  She's hangin' with Justin Timberlake on "Saturday Night Live."  She sang at the big inauguration concert yesterday.  And tomorrow night she'll sing "At Last" for the Obama's first presidential dance.  She's Beyonce and if you haven't heard, she's got a little single out called, "Single Ladies."  The video of that catchy dance tune with Beyonce shaking her thang has for some reason sparked one of the biggest online parody frenzies, evah! ...more

I think little Joe looks like he's gone off his meds!  But as Maria said, the tweens will ...more

Online Video Series: Will They Replace TV Viewing?

Sometimes blog posts come from the strangest of circumstances.  Like pissing off a big time TV producer. Last fall I did a post on Megan's Minute called "The New Beverly Hills 90210, A Lot Like the Old "Beverly Hills 90210," and I gave the show an okay review.  I also referred to the excutive producer of the show as Rob Thomas of "Veronica Mars and Dawson's Creek" fame and mentioned that the old "90210" was produced by "Sex and the City's" Darren Star." Well turns out I was wrong on both counts. ...more

We cant draw... Can U?

If you are skilled at putting concepts into images, then you can help shape the world of What do we need? We need a visual style for our series of multimedia videos that can clearly explain what does and how our users can get the most out of our website. What does need from you? You submit one video that shows your use of an original visual concept to one our scripts. What's in it for you? The best visual concept will be shown proudly on, in all of their related PR materials and on the contest Microsite at ...more

President-Elect Barack Obama: From "60 Minutes" to YouTube

Hang on folks 'cause we're about to have a "YouTube President" in the White House.  Yes, it's true he may now have to give up his BlackBerry, but that doesn't mean his administration won't use the media and the internet in ways that have only been imagined in politics before. Last night President-elect Barack Obama did his first televised interview since the election with Steve Kroft of "60 Minutes." And though interviews by new presidents on "60 Minutes" are not new, the way Mr. Obama has used the media to his advantage rivals that of The Great Communicator himself, the late President Ronald Reagan. ...more

One of the great things about having a next generation President is that he's kept up with ...more

New Vibrating Mascara from Lancome

We posted a video today  about the new Lancome Oscillation.  It's a vibrating mascara that comes with a big price tag... but it might just be the coolest mascara ever. ...more

The Cutest Christmas Music Video Ever!

This is THE cutest, most heart-melting Christmas music video EVER! Seriously, if this video doesn't play around with your heartstrings, I am Ebeneezer...Ebeneezer Scrooge, that is. It was so enjoyable looking through all the cute, funny and adorable pictures I received. I hope you will agree that some of the pictures just fit perfectly with the lyrics with which they were placed. ...more

Bevy: Shop, Save and Showcase your Style

Bevy is an addictive community for those of us already addicted to fashion.  Like a blog, it is all about personal expression.  Members can create virtual closets from thousands of brands, chat about products they love, ask fashion advice and make a video that brings their style to life. ...more

Show Us Your Vote

Gena Haskett took a comprehensive look at how you can safely and legally photograph or video record your vote. After you read her primer, grab your camera and whether you vote early or on November 4, we hope you'll share your photos and videos. ...more

So many Americans participated yesterday it was absolutely incredible. And, yes, I share your ...more

Recording The Vote - Let Me Count the Safe Ways

For those of us who will peddle push our way to the polls it is an exciting time. Many people want to take their daughters, sons and grandchildren to witness the most dramatic and unpredictable election in recent American history. Before I begin, I need to give an ancestral shout out to Mrs. Ida B. Wells-Barnett. Ida's career included being an homemaker, teacher, writer, pamphleteer (pre-Internet print based blogger) and journalist. ...more

Video for all The Birth mother's of Adoption

I made this video for all the Birth Mother's of Adoption out there! You are loved! Video for all the Birth Mother’s of Adoption!   With 2.2 Million adoptees in the world, and 87% from America...there are a lot of us out there! "I will tell you something beautiful. We are fighting abortion by adoption - by care of the mother and adoption for her baby. We have saved thousands of lives" Mothera Teresa   ...more