Savory ingredient spotlight: The truffle!

Savory Tv will always be dedicated to recipes, although our goal is to help you learn about delicious ingredients as well. Savory ingredient spotlights will focus on the origins and history of gourmet foods found in nature, so that you can prepare meals including these ingredients with knowledge and complete confidence. We are thrilled to honor the delicious truffle in our first ingredient spotlight post! ...more

Galavanting in Costa Rica

During our recent trip to Costa Rica, we had a blast in a place that's safe, fun, inexpensive and eco-friendly. We did some cool stuff, but our favorite was the rural eco-lodge with its wildlife and horseback riding...well, no, maybe the surf, perhaps visiting the idigenous village...aww heck, maybe it was the waterfall rappelling...nah, it had to be the cooking lesson from an awesome chef.  Why don't you the webisode >> ...more

Podcast: Interview with Julia Boorstin of CNBC

Confused about new media? Wondering what all that streaming of TV shows online will mean to your regular viewing patterns? Curious about how the new media business models will affect how you consume news and entertainment? Never fear, if you're reading this post, odds are you probably know a little something about blogs, the internet and new media, but if you want to learn more, listen to my podcast interview with Julia Boorstin, the media and entertainment reporter for CNBC. ...more

A Perfect Match: Two Tennis Loving Moms Team Up To Turn Passion into Cash.

You may not see this year's tennis Olympians wearing a new product invented by two tennis loving moms, but just wait. ...more

Get To Know Governor Sarah Palin By Video On The Web

A couple of days ago The Huffington Post did a video roundup of GOP VP pick, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. The videos were of her comments on important issues relating to Alaska. Well anyone can do that. But tell me, have you seen clips of Governor Palin back when she was a sportscaster? Or watched as she hiked to her office from her house with a local Alaskan podcaster? Or heard what the Red State Update has to say about the moose hunting firebrand? That's where I come in. ...more

Cute Kids!

Hey Mamas!  I just came across a video contest that is super cute, and definitely worth checking out.  Parents have made commercials featuring their young children.  These videos are hilarious.  They're still accepting entries.  There are no costs involved, and they even have a video tutorial for those who don't know how to put video on the web.  The prize packages are amazing.  The first place prize is worth over $5000.  Anyway, check it out.  It's worth it.  If you don't plan to enter, at least check out ...more

Submit Your Questions For Media and Entertainment Reporter Julia Boorstin of CNBC

Julia Boorstin of is an entertainment and media reporter for CNBC.  Her job allows her to cover issues as varied as the projected opening box office for films like "Dark Knight" and "Mamma Mia," to interviewing the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg.  She also writes a blog called "Media Money" for CNBC's website that covers new media, old media and everything in between.  Next week I'm going to have the pleasure of doing a podcast interview with Julia about her job, her life and above all media and money.  ...more

Oh my, I'm mentioned by name! I feel so special!




Inspiring things to view out here in the ether

Today I was idly checking, and someone had mentioned a joyous video by Franti. I have no idea who he is, but I have played the video about 20 times.."It seems like everywhere I go, the more I see, the less I know -- but I know one thing -- that I love you." I am bopping in my office chair typing this, and feeling what it is to have a joyful spirit. ...more

Lovely screen savers and Thich Nat Hanh is an old favourite. Thank you!more

The Beijing Olympics Online: A Sports Smorgasbord

As I write this post I'm watching live Olympic tennis. American James Blake is in the deciding third set against Dominic Hrbaty of Slovakia and it's tied 3-3.  I'm not watching this match on television.  I'm watching it live online.  That's right, live streaming of Olympic events have come into their own with the Beijing Games, and the first and best stop for all your action is NBC's Olympic Website. The team that put this site together deserves a medal of their own because it has just about anything an Olympics sports fan could want. As long as you stay within NBC's restrictions that is.  ...more

I Believe in Signs

I got nostalgic tonight, for some reason. Pulled out the DVD that had Miss M's first Christmas and birthday on it and curled up on the couch to relive those precious moments. First, I got teary-eyed over how much she's changed in the course of 7 months. It's amazing. Watching her awkward first steps, listening to her call everything in sight "DOG!," and seeing her face light up at the sight of her birthday balloons. I'm am fighting tears as I sit now and write this. ...more