Any Chinese Girl Bloggers Here?

Hello! I am Fauna and I write a blog called chinaSMACK. I heard about BlogHer from another website and have joined here. I think a website about woman helping woman is a great idea but there is not a lot of Chinese people here so far. Maybe that will change in the future? ...more

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Entrepreneur Interview: Melani Gordon

The best way to learn about business is to listen to what those who have "been there and done that" have to say. Melani Gordon, founder of gWave Consulting, shares some tips for success: ...more

I don't see a video here.  Was there supposed to be one?


Here I am, almost two ...more

Barack Obama and John McCain: Online Videos To Tickle The Funny Bone

Back in February on Super Tuesday I posted "Super Online Videos For Super Tuesday." Now that the primaries are over and the official presidential campaign is in full swing, I don't know about you, but I'm ready for a few laughs. What better way to get them then by checking out the latest online videos that take a humorous look at the campaign and the candidates? ...more

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A Year in the Life of Your Little One

15 seconds of video per day times 365 days equals on hour of tape. That's right, video your wee one everyday for a year and watch them grow right before your very eyes.  ...more

Movie Trailer Parodies: Big YouTube Fun

Need some humor in your life? Have I got some YouTube videos for you! Recently during one of my regular YouTube forays, I uncovered a stockpile of entertaining movie trailer parodies, or recuts as they're sometimes called.  I happen to hate "Mary Poppins."  What's that got to do with movie trailer parodies?  Read on. ...more

YouTube and Videotaped Violence

Should YouTube and other online video sites be held more accountable for the increase in fights being posted on their sites? After that horrible incident in Florida a few weeks ago of several girls luring another girl to a house so they could beat her up, videotape the incident and then post it on YouTube, there have been many discussions about whether YouTube bears any responsibility for monitoring what's posted on their site more closely. ...more

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I'm not blaming YouTube for stupid girls getting into fights and posting the ...more

Tree Huggers, Greenies and Video Environmentalists On YouTube

When I was asked to write a post about environmentalists on YouTube and other online video sites, as part of Blogher's continuing "Every Day Is Earth Day" campaign, suddenly I had to think about the whole green movement. ...more

Women's Pregnanacy Health

It is hard to believe that in Tibet 2/3 of women give birth alone in their homes with no medical care and that one in ten infants die. The good news is that there is an organization that is helping pregnant women and their children. One Heart is a non profit organization that is working to provide medical supplies, education and training to the women of Tibet. Check out a video of One Heart in Action: ...more

Sexy seniors -- Are Women in their 60s Really Not Interested in Sex?

Here's a video that features one woman's prespective on sexuality and people in their 60s. Interesting. are-women-in-their-60%2526%2523039%3Bs-really-not-interested-in-sex%3F ...more