The GoPro 3+ Is Calling My Name but I'm Resisting

There it is again. Taunting me to come a little closer. It is all I can do to keep pushing my shopping cart down the aisle. I want the GoPro 3+ camcorder. I really want it. This is one of the few times when I have to really think about buying a camcorder. The suppression of camera lust for me isn’t easy but the truth can almost set you free. Here are some things to keep in mind before you rush out to snag one. ...more
TriciaNightowlmama Sorry, I hit the unlike gizmo by accident. I totally agree it has other ...more

YouTube Wants Your Video for A Life In A Day Project

On July 24, 2010, YouTubers, videobloggers, mobile recorders and all manner of visual recording creative people will be focused on recording the entire day. A Life in A Day is going to be a global, multi-lingual experiment to create a documentary movie that is open to the entire planet. ...more

If there could be contributions from diverse populations that is what would make it a success. ...more

Humanizing Mothers

Video is such an important component of what makes MyWorkButterfly truly comprehensive. It not only allows us to differentiate ourselves in the crowded "mom" space, it brings to life the personal stories and journeys of so many women. The videos help to humanize celebrity mothers and peers, further engage you in the online experience and to prove our deep commitment to providing inspiration and mentorship. ...more

Jehane Noujaim: Changing the World Through The Power Of Film

If you could have just one wish and one wish only, what would it be? Better yet, what if you knew that a thousand of the world's most innovative thinkers just might back you up if your wish inspired them the way it inspires you? What would you wish then? ...more

i really think we could do something amazing for maternal health that would raise consciousness ...more

Storyboarding - Resources and Vlogging Assistance

Thank you to all the good people that stopped by the Multimedia Lab and those that wanted to attended.Thanks also to Kraft Foods for sponsoring the lab. I'm suffering from a bad case of hindsight. There was so much we all wanted to share but were under time constrictions. Also folks at the session asked about additional resources. I t love digging up help and support resources for potential vloggers and anybody with access to a camera or camcorder. ...more

Thank you for the great explanation, and the suggestions about the 3x5s, My Idea Map, and the ...more

Compressing and Converting Video for the Web

Today in the Advanced Video Lab, we touched briefly on compressing video for the web, and then moved straight into our hands-on workshops on storyboarding, lighting, and editing. I promised to make a PDF handout available that gives basic video compression information and some software you can use to convert video from one format to another. Here it is: Video Compression Take-Home Info (PDF, 148k). ...more

Liveblog: Multimedia Lab on Videoblogging at BlogHer 07

Update: Here's the post-session handout provided by the Multimedia Lab crew. ...more

Editing Your Video For The Web

For those of you can't be here, I wanted to share with you the 'Editing Tips' we are using in the Videoblogging session today at 2pm. This is my own personal tips sheet, so you will likely not agree with everything I suggest, but it's a great starting point for you to use in your own experiments at great quality web video for teeny tiny file sizes. New to vlogging? Try freevlog (fabulous resource for newbies). ...more

Thanks for the useful post Robyn. Ironically, I missed your session because I am editing video ...more

Getting to BlogHer by Train

I loved greenlagirl's post about getting to BlogHer sans car because I attempted to minimize the environmental impact of my own trip by traveling by train. Apparently this saves 600 BTUs per passenger mile over air travel. It takes a lot longer, but it's pretty, relaxing, and fun. I'm a videoblogger, so I can show you what my trip was like. ...more

I love Flagstaff. You've inspired me -- I'd love to get my act together and do this next year. ...more

Blogher Video Blogging Session

Are you a videoblogger or do you aspire to be one? Then you're going to love the Videoblogging session we've cooked up for you! I'm one of the speakers and we've worked hard to make sure that this is one class you won't leave without a solid understanding of: ...more