Organize Your Drawers With These Simple Folding Tips (VIDEOS)

If you're like me, your drawers are always a mess. They start off, all neat and organized, but it doesn't take long that the clothes inside become disorganized and that I can't find anything. Well, Melissa Maker from Clean My Space, has found a way to solve this problem....more

The Origins Of New Year's Resolutions And How To Stick To Them (VIDEOS)

As we begin a new year, everybody is talking about the resolutions they will make. But lets face it, not many people will stick to what they put on their list and will eventually revert to their previous habits. But did you ever think about how this resolution business got started? And do we really stick to them?...more

Writer Voice, meet Video Persona

I’m setting up a blind date for my writing voice and my video persona. I think they’ll really like each other…they just need to get in the same room for once. In fact, I’m so confident that they’re a good match that I’m going to film every Goddamn session until they decide to consciously couple or never ever speak to each other again.Here’s why I’m temporarily getting into match-making....more

The Scientific Truth About Aggressive Dog Breeds (VIDEO)

Many people say that some dog breeds are more aggressive than others. Well, maybe they are wrong! For example, Pit Bulls, Rottweilers and Dobermans, have gained the reputation of being very dangerous dog breeds. In reality, being aggressive isn't necessarily related to specific dog breeds, there are numerous factors to consider....more

Becoming A Mother Should Be A Woman's Prerogative (VIDEOS)

The battle between the pro-choice and pro-life groups has been going on for many many years now. But deciding to become a mother shouldn't be the decision of anyone but the person who bears the child, the woman. However, moral, culture and religion are often weighing in the balance when it comes to supporting abortion and contraception....more

Who Is Responsible For Sexual Equality? Everyone! (VIDEOS)

Sexuality orientation has everybody talking and many of us are still dividing sexual preferences in two categories, you are either "straight" or "gay". But what if you could have endless possibilities in between those two choices and have the chance to express your sexuality the way you want? Well, this is real!...more

A Tribute To The Life Of The Inspirational Maya Angelou (VIDEOS)

Wednesday, the death of Maya Angelou, at the age of 86, took the world by surprise, but her wonderful legacy lives on. She was a woman of many talents, especially her inspirational poems and books. She was known as a poet, author, songwriter, singer, dancer, producer, director, actress and civil rights activist. She also spoke French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic and Fanti, a West African language....more

National Puppy Day is Friday, March 21!

 This day was founded by Pet Lifestyle Expert, Colleen Paige, a tireless advocate for the rights and well-being of dogs and other animals. ...more

Tiny Dog Living Under Busy Highway Finds A Happy Ending (VIDEO)

This scared homeless Chihuahua was living under a busy highway in a Los Angeles drain pipe. Last December, she was rescued by Eldad Hagar, from the animal rescue organization Hope For Paws, with the help of Lisa Chiarelli....more

The Scientific Power of Music, The Natural Drug of Happiness (VIDEO)

Music has been a part of us since the beginning of time and it has fascinated scientists for many centuries. It is all around us and affects our lives in innumerable ways, but do we know exactly how music has such a great power over us?...more
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