5 "must-see" Places Before Marriage in Vietnam

Almost people want to spend enough money and a good time to travel but they don't know that when you have enough necessary conditions, you will old. It's a reason why you should take your backpack and traveling immediately when you are still young and don't marriage yet.1. Phu Yen...more

5 "must-see" Destinations in Danang

Recently, Danang is one of the young and developed cities in Vietnam. After 5 years, Danang has more than one symbol with Dragon Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge, and DHC Marina as well as outdoor activities. Besides the amazing destination, local cuisine is also an impressed thing with unique and delicious dishes when visiting Danang.1. The Dragon Bridge...more

Travelling Phu Quoc Island and Unforgettable Things

Having simple things in Phu Quoc Island make tourist can not forget them when visiting the land .Clean and beautiful water in Sao Beach...more

A Shoutout To My Vietnam Vet Brother

NaBloPoMo Post #26Alton ~ ~ ...more

A Veteran's Story

At the end of the workday yesterday, my coworkers and I had a brief conversation about Veterans Day.  Actually, it was barely a conversation and more, "Oh, Veterans Day is tomorrow.  Why don’t we have off for that?"I told everyone that my father was in Vietnam, and got the same reaction I often do when I tell people this:  "Wow, really????"So of course I HAD to show them this photo (one of my faves):...more

Lives saved in Viet Nam by involving women in disaster planning

Cross-posted from UN Women Through the training of women in disaster management, as well as national lobbying, the contribution of women has been recognized and a government decree now gives the Women’s Union an official space in decision-making bodies. ...more

Streets of Hanoi

What's it like to walk the streets of Hanoi, Vietnam? Hmmm...how to begin to describe this frightening, wonderfully unique place.   First, the people are as friendly and helpful as the scooters are plentiful.  The scene here is so different from Shanghai, where we live now.  There are hardly any luxury stores or cars here yet the average citizen seems to live well and be very happy.  Though we got a few hard stares from the older guys, in general we were accepted and welcomed with open arms. ...more

A Beautiful Day In Hanoi, Vietnam

It was lovely to see the ladies dancing in Vietnam just like they do in China.  They had their loud speakers going and were working it!  Our only day to enjoy Hanoi, we decided to  walk around Hoan Kiem Lake today and enjoyed the warm weather.  This lake is in the heart of the Old Quarter in Hanoi and seems to be enjoyed by all the locals.  From the lovely pagoda in the middle of the lake to the bridge over to an island,  the flowers were blooming everywhere.  This is the one public space we have seen in Vietnam that is in good repair and maintenance. ...more