A Trip to Hanoi Inspires Bánh Mì Crostini and Vietnamese Pâté

We had a wonderful four days....more
I love Bánh Mì and I love how you recreated it in the form of these beautiful crostini.more

Vietnamese Sandwich (Banh Mi)

This is no ordinary sandwich! Banh Mi is an euro-asian take to the submarine sandwich featuring a crunchy-on-the-outside-chewy-in-the-inside baguette filled with pate spread, daikon radish and carrot relish, slices of jalapenos, sprigs of cilantro and choice of fillings such as sardines, barbecued pork, grilled chicken, ham, and head cheese slices. Note some of the similarities it shares with the Mexican torta by the use of cilantro, jalapenos, and roll (bolilos for the torta)! ...more