4 Social Video Platforms You Should Know

Does your blog or small business have really dynamic, visual product? There are a number of reasons to dip your toe into the video realm of social media, but how do you know where to post your stuff? Go, of course, where you suspect your potential readers or customers are. But if you don't know which social media site works best with your blog or brand, your next step is determining which platform will best display your message. Explore the following platforms and see which one is right for you. ...more
I'm on Vine. However, I need to post more videos on there, so far I have 6, I think. They are ...more

Only 6 Seconds Away From One of the Latest Small Business Trends

Social media is certainly not new to the world of small business.  Most small businesses understand the importance of having a Facebook page and or a LinkedIn account.  However, one social media outlet has taken it a step further and has created a unique way for businesses to get their brand message out to the public.  Vine’s 6 second video is the latest in  small business trends....more

Poo Sandwich?

My family is awesome. Also, they are impossible sometimes. Today, I was sent this video, with no explanation whatsoever:  A transcript (in case you don't speak goofball fluently):My Sister: What was that?E: Emmett sammich more?My Sister: Emmett sandwich more?...more

Use Vine To Spice Up Your Posts!

Would you like to spice up your blog posts without having to spend ours editing video?  Have you heard of Vine?  Vine is a great new App by Twitter that allows you to video 6 second clips.  I have been playing with it on my fitness & nutrition blog and I love it!  ...more

Will Twitter's Vine App Be the Next Big Social Media Thing?

Twitter, in my mind, is rather notorious for being slow to change -- which is why I was surprised that its brand-new Vine: Make a Scene app, which allows users to create six-second video loops and post them on Twitter, might just be the social media game-changer we've been waiting for. ...more
@JennaHatfield I predict a Callie video at some point. ;-)more