Secret to Instantly Reduce a Pimple

With so many expensive anti-acne products on the market, you may not realize that your best solution may currently sit on your pantry shelf.  That's right ......more

The Best $3 Ever Spent

First off, welcome back and happy new year. I hope you enjoyed time with family and friends. Over the holidays I had a lot of free time on my hands and decided to tackle some of my (not-so) favorite tasks, cleaning our bathroom and mopping the floors. In three years I haven't been able to find a cleaner that did the job well until now. I consider myself a crafty and handy girl so I took to Google to see if I could find any homemade non-toxicsolutions to use....more

Check That Vinegar Label

Until recently, cider and distilled vinegar sold in the United States was dependably diluted to 5-percent acetic acid. All U.S. Department of Agriculture home-canning recipes that call for vinegar specify a strength of 5 percent, and in writing recipes myself I’ve assumed that cider or distilled vinegar will have this strength. When I’ve called for wine vinegar, I’ve assumed a strength of at least 5 percent, since wine vinegars on the market sometimes range in strength as high as 7 percent....more

Peach Sweet Sipping Vinegar

You know me: taking a pull off the brine from anything pickled is my kind of hit. But there's something to be said for intentionally mixing a nice vinegar into some seltzer with a dash or two of bitters that seems to elevate me from the pickle crack house to the vinegar garden party. Luckily, another recipe is making the rounds that is perfect for my late summer brine fix: the fruit shrub....more

Cheap and Natural Drain Cleaner

Baking soda and vinegar - nature's natural, non-toxic cleaners. I am still amazed by how well these two things together clean and deodorize....more
Great tip!more


In a spray bottle, add 3 cups water. Add 8 drops lavender essential oil. Spray your linens, pillowcases, doilies and tablecloths, as you iron. Or: Boil 2 cups of water. Pour in 1 1/2 cups dried lavender flowers. Let steep until water is cool. Strain water into a spray bottle. Spray clothes as you iron. Pour 1 cup white vinegar in your steam iron, to clean it. Let sit overnight. Pour vinegar out, fill with water and pour it out. Wipe vinegar over the plate of your iron. Rinse. Fill iron with water. Press....more

Pickle Pot

I decided it was time to take it easy.  Time to pick something that I could not mess up.But I also wanted to pick something that I loved - and something that I've never tried before.So when I saw this recipe at Miz Helen's Country Cottage for a Pickle Pot, I knew I'd found what I was looking for....more

Considering the Artichoke

I'd like to know how hungry the first person was that looked at this and said: "Yeah, that's for eating." Looks like something Luke Skywalker almost got up close and personal with. ...more

Clean Green! Simple Cleaning Recipes........

Housekeeping Recipes Basic Ingredients One Needs To Get Started To Create Your Natural Cleaners At Home Liquid Castile Soap or Castile Bar Soap (to grate for laundry) Baking Soda Borax White Vinegar Apple Cider Vinegar That is all you NEED! *Why Use Vinegar to clean? The answer is here... * ...more


I love vinegars. Yes, plural... I am up to eighteen different kinds at the moment. Listen, they each have a distinctive flavor and characteristics, and I use them all. I see them as an addition to my spice and herb arsenal, just a different way of flavor-layering. And, even though I could use plenty of salt in cooking, I find that I often prefer vinegars; they work well as a natural salt substitute in many cases....more