Products to Love: Mr & Mrs Howard for Sherill Furniture

Phoebe Howard is a well known and talented interior designer from the South.  Many of you have seen her works in several of the design magazines, Traditional Home, House Beautiful, and Veranda to name a few.  This year she also came out with a book, The Joy of Decorating, and if you do not own it, you must buy it (here).  It's absolutely beautiful....more

Tile Design & Inspiration

There are so many options in tile today, from type of material, style, and design.  I am going to be doing several posts on tile designs because the options are endless.  But today I'm going to show you images of beautiful tile installations & new tile products.  In the next posts I will show you installations, products, as well as drawings. I designed a custom backsplash above their range for my client's ranch kitchen....more

It's All About the Details: Window Design

In new construction window style is one of the earlier selections made with the architect (coordinating with the home's architecture) , shown on the blueprints.  When I'm working with my client, we will review the exterior at the beginning for material selections called out on the blueprints.  And occasionally we will change the style of the windows, from paned to lite or vice versa, square to round, etc.  Also, I help my client decide on type of window material, glass, finish, hardware, etc. ...more

Color Trend: Turquoise

Turquoise is one of the forecasted color trends for this year, and I will be seeing more of it when I go to High Point this April.  Here are some turquoise products and spaces that showcase ways you can use this hot color.  Below is the master bedroom I did for a young bachelor, in fact, he should have been "The Bachelor" but alas he is taken now by a beautiful young lady - don't you love romance?...more

It's All About the Details: Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet hardware is the jewelry on your cabinets; they should make a statement.  Your cabinet hardware can really dress up the cabinetry or make them really fun.  Sometimes when we get to the hardware selection stage, my clients tend to want to pick these quickly, but you should really spend some time selecting these little gems.  Obviously they need to look nice, but they must be functional.  You will use these knobs/pulls many times, and you want to select something that is comfortable and easy to use....more

It's All About the Details: Leaded Glass Windows

Leaded glass windows have been around for centuries, and many people associate leaded glass windows with the large stained glass windows in cathedrals.  Leaded glass is a great decorative way to give privacy while allowing the light to shine through, it can be clear or colored, patterned or plain, etc.  A main area leaded glass windows are seen to provide privacy is in the bathroom, but leaded glass windows can be used in many other spaces. ...more
I love stained glass. more

From Bloom to Room

People always ask a designer where they get their inspiration and my answer is always, I just look around me and 'see' inspiration. ...more

Fabulous Finds #7

Happy Friday everyone!!  It's one of the best days of the week, Friday, and so that means Fabulous Finds.  Wolf Convection Steam Oven...more

Beautiful Headboards

Who says a headboard has to be a 'board' or even a traditional 'headboard'.  I think we all love our bedrooms as it is the place we spend most of our quiet time and should be a sanctuary for us to relax, rest and rejuvenate.  Since the bed is usually the focal point, I thought we could look at some beautiful and different headboards, contemporary and traditional.  I will do another blog on the 'healthy' bedroom. ...more

It's All In the Details: Entry Doors

As I said in an earlier post about entries being the introduction to your home's interiors, the entry door is just as equally as important.  Your entry door is another detail to the architecture of your home--single door or double doors, metal or wood, glass or no glass, iron or no iron, the door surround, the color, the hardware, etc.  It is the gate way to your home and it deserves some time.  ...more