"Fashion for the Home" ~The Brizo Experience

Hey everyone, this is Christy, and I wanted to share with you my time at the Brizo Fashion Week Event.  Before I get started checkout Donna's post on Brizo, here.  On our first night, Brizo graciously hosted a fabulous kickoff party with delicious orderves and cocktails.  It was great seeing familiar faces and new blogger friends and meeting the Brizo team....more

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor everyone; hope you are enjoying the extra day off and the fruits of your labor.  I thought I'd share with you serene spaces since you and I are enjoying this last time off before the craziness of Fall and the soon to be holiday season.  Enjoy these gorgeous spaces and take time to enjoy life.  ...more

From Bloom to Room #17

It's Monday; I hope everyone had a  relaxing weekend!  This weeks bloom is the blue and white anemone.   This flower is absolutely gorgeous, and since it's a duo color combination I thought I would highlight blue and white interiors (a personal favorite of mine). ...more

From Bloom to Room #16

 Happy Monday everyone; hope you had a great weekend!  This week's bloom is actually a vegetable, the tomato. Source...more

High Point Market April 2012: Codarus

October High Point Market will soon be around the corner, and I'm thrilled to see more introductions.  But for now I thought I'd share with you a great bedding/linen showroom I visited at April's market, Codarus.  They carry linen lines such as Lili Alessandra,  Pine Cone Hill, Chelsea Textiles Ltd, etc. Enjoy the fabulous lines they carry.  If you have any inquiries on these products, please contact me.  All products are available through Vining Design Associates....more

A Little Grey Gardens Inspiration

The interesting story of Grey Gardens was brought back to life in HBO's 2009 movie starring Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange.  Recently HBO has been replaying it, and I thought I would do a post on this gorgeous house turned to ruins.  I love that in the film, the house is a character on its own, seeing it from its majestic heyday to its depressing dilapidation. In this post I thought I'd use some of the rooms as inspiration, showcasing modernized spaces and products reminiscent of Grey Gardens. ...more

From Bloom to Room #14

This week's bloom is the ever delicious peach.  Have a great Monday and enjoy!GoogleHere's the Chip It! by Sherwin Williams....more

Color Trends Fall 2012

With summer coming to an end and everyone has "back to school" on their minds, I thought I'd share with you the projected Fall 2012 color trends by Pantone.  I think I'll be doing several posts on the upcoming fall colors. Some of these colors are similar to Spring 2012's, such as the tangerine & the blue.  The only difference are the tones. ...more

A Leg Affair

Who doesn't love beautiful legs?  That can be said for the interiors of your home.  Beautiful chair/sofa legs, table legs, desk legs, kitchen island legs, etc.  I absolutely love it when a piece of furniture has a beautiful leg; it's as if no detail has been left out.  Another way to pay attention to the little details, which are so important to me as a designer.  ...more

From Bloom to Room #13

I hope everyone's weekend was great.  And I'm sure like many of us, you were watching the Olympics, opening ceremony and the competitions.  How bout Michael Phelps?!  But congrats to Ryan Lochte for bringing home our first gold medal! Okay, enough rambling, here's Monday's bloom, a delicious vegetable, the eggplant.  Enjoy ...more