From Bloom to Room #8

Now that is officially summer, I thought I'd include fresh produce into my bloom series.  I love being able to get fresh produce from a local's farmer's market when I'm able to find time to stop by, and what better place to find color inspiration than at your local's farmer's market: deep hues of purples in eggplants, varying colors in tomatoes, fresh berries, etc. And today I thought I'd start with the lemon: that gorgeous bright yellow is perfect for the summer!  ...more

Studious Spaces

With many people able to work from home libraries/studies have risen in popularity and now many have a twist that makes them 'just right' for their owners....more

From Bloom to Room #7

I hope everyone has a great Monday!  Today the flower is the Cymbidium orchid.Source via Google...more

1 of Veranda Magazine's Most Memorable Rooms Contest Winner

While at BlogFest, we had the opportunity to enter in Veranda Magazine's Most Memorable Rooms Contest, and last night I found out that I was one of the three lucky winners!  I cannot tell you how excited I am to be one of the winners in this contest.  I would like to congratulate the other two winners: Candice Sebring-Kelber & Ivelisse de Leon.  The prize of this contest: Veranda Magazine's new book The Houses of Veranda.  I cannot wait to get this book in my hands, it's absolutely gorgeous!...more

Luscious Pool Spaces

In Spring & especially summer living in Houston, Texas, is hot and steamy, and that's why so many of my clients require pools as a must have on their new home list.  Here you can use your pool about 9 months out of the year.  As a designer, I do not limit my design services strictly to the indoors, I often help my client's select their exterior color & material selections as well as the pool scaping--pool deck, waterline, etc. Now that summer is almost here and the heat is rising, I thought I'd share images of where most gather: the pool....more

Aha Moment

Last week, as part of Blogfest 2012, we heard Newell Turner and "next wave designers" Michael Herold, Jill Goldberg, and Jon Call describe the "Aha!" moments they encountered and created in their work.  House Beautiful challenged us bloggers and designers to write about our own "Aha!" moments as designers. I have been doing this for a long time so there have been many ‘Aha!’ moments.  I think one can have an ‘Aha’ on every job when they find just that certain something that makes everything come together and makes the client beam with happiness.  ...more

Are you Blue for Blue?

The color blue, in interior design, is known and selected for it's soft, calming affects.  I love to use blue in my interiors, and I enjoy using the bolder hues as well for it's drama and elegance.  The past couple of years the pastel blue tones have been the trend, especially with browns and neutral tones.  But why only use soft pastel tones of blue? ...more

High Point April 2012: The Natural Light

The Natural Light is one of my go to lamp sources!  I just love their products; they have such an array of lamps and prints.  And of course they were a must see while I was at High Point.  Below are photos from their newest collection and lamps I saw at their showroom.  Enjoy! ...more

From Bloom To Room #6

Today I'm in New York City for Kravet's BlogFest 2012!  I can't wait to share with you all that I did, but until then, you get to enjoy today's inspiration: bouquet of various orange flowers.  Because orange in interiors varies so widely, I thought the best way to showcase spaces & products was to use a bouquet of varying orange hues....more

BlogFest 2012

Kravet's Annual BlogFest, BlogFest 2012, is almost upon us!  It begins Monday and ends on Wednesday.  I am heading up to New York City to attend my very first Blogfest!! ...more