Vintage-Inspired Hair Accessories

Don't you ever feel a little jealous of the fancy British women that get to wear fancy little hats to equestrian events and such? Is it just me? Okay, maybe I don't want to wear a two-foot-high fascinator, but I think that a little bit of hair bling doesn't hurt anybody. Michelle Obama nearly single-handedly brought back the brooch with her vintage and vintage-inspired statement pins, but I confess I'm still not apt to wear a big brooch on my sweater. But in my hair? That's a trend I can get behind. ...more

These I just love: ...more

Looking for fellow crafters to share ideas

I just started a new blog about romantic crafts: and I'm looking for people who want to share there finished romantic crafts projects and ideas with me. I love to sew, Shabby Chic, vintage and woodcrafts....more

My Favorite Fall Fashion Trend: The Vintage Inspired Piece

Every season I do what many women do which is to pry open a 200 page magazine and see what is going on in the world of fashion. So what if it is stuff that you wouldn't be caught dead in? So what if you think the idea of platforms and all 80's all the time is nauseating, it's still fun to look. ...more

Accessories can add so much to your look. And to your confidence! I never used to accessorize ...more

Cufflinks As a Fashion Accessory for Women

As women like to borrow each other's clothes--especially within the same household--two sisters, mother-daughter, you might be asking to borrow something very soon from the male members of your family. Cufflinks, have always been the accessory for gentlemen. It gives a polished and professional look to a suit,  as well as a touch of class and elegance to a shirt. ...more

Taking A Page Out of My Grandmother's (and Mad Men's) Fashion Handbook

I recently told a friend that I wish I could live in the world of the AMC television series "Mad Men," and she looked at me sideways as if to say, "Are you crazy?" So, just to be clear, I don't want the desperately sad, repressed, where-do-you-go-when-you-take-walks-by-yourself?, everybody's having an affair part of "Mad Men." No, no. I just want the clothes. Oh! The clothes!! Okay, the clothes and the makeup. And the hair. And, sure, throw in the furniture while you're at it. ...more

I watch Madmen.  I find it creepy but I agree that the clothes are wonderful.  It ...more

Recycled T-Shirt Halter Tie Back Dress - Giveaway for 3 lucky readers!

In a few days I will be releasing my newest pattern (the Recycled T-Shirt Halter/Tie-Back Dress ePattern) to my Etsy store so to celebrate I am giving away a copy of the pattern to THREE lucky blog readers! ...more

The Origin of Lavalieres

"      Sterling Silver Artisan Amethyst/Pearl Lavaliere    The origin of lavalieres dates back to the mid 1600's, when the Duchesse de la Valliere, (she was the mistress of Louise XIV of France) wore a certain type of pendant on her necklace and it became very popular during that era. The name was later shortened to lavaliere. ...more

Susannah's {Kitchen} Aprons

Vintage. Bib. Children's. Tie up your style! Hello! I'm Marilyn Dean (aka e-Mom) and welcome to my kitchen. Let me be your hostess and guide to some of the coolest aprons on the planet. ...more

Will Retro Swimsuits Get Me Back in the Pool?

Every year I hem and haw and try to put off the inevitable, uncomfortable feat of squeezing my nearly ten-year-old bikini. I did buy another suit about five years ago, only to forget it at a hotel after wearing it only once. This year, however, I've finally made it back to my pre-baby weight (though definitely not my pre-baby body, but that's okay...peace has been made.), my husband and I are celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary and I think I'm going to buy a new swimsuit. ...more

I just talked about getting a retro suit on a recent blog post on my honeymoon.  I think they ...more