Helen Uffner: Get Me Warm and Hose Me Down

by Helen Uffner ...more

Today on Fashion Me Fabulous

It's the battle of the fashion designer TV shows. Will Project Runway remain the the Queen of the Catwalk when in moves to Lifetime this summer? Or, will Bravo's runway replacement, The Fashion Show, stomp right past it? ...more

Wearing Vintage While Dressing For Work

I have two dresses from dances that I attended in high school that stick out in my mind. The first was the prom dress I wore my senior year. It was a white flapper dress that I wore with a pair of long, satin gloves. No one else wore anything close to something that cool. Even though some of the snobbier girls looked at me like I was crazy plenty of girls came up to me in the bathroom while I was touching up my makeup (most likely applying some horrid shade of blue eyeshadow) and whispered, "Oh, wow. I love your dress. That is so cool!" ...more

Hatfeathers Vintage

Hatfeathers Vintage sells a nice collection of men's and women's vintage clothing from the 1940s-1980s and a small bit from previous decades. WWII-60s mod is ...more