Viola Davis: Why We're Still Talking about Her Hair

Viola Davis is still in the headlines. A pretty impressive feat considering that Meryl Streep finally won another Oscar after 12 consecutive nominations without wins and should be the talk of the town....more
I've been natural for two years now, and I see more and more women 'going natural" every where I ...more

Fashion Police Thanks Viola Davis For "Making The Sistahs Proud"

 First off, I didn't see the Academy Awards in its entirety. Secondly, after hearing E's roundtable Fashion dish commenting on what & who the stars were wearing, I wasn't too enthused about sitting through another night of of Hollywood self-admiration, glitz and glamor. Okay, love watching movies and celebrities who can step outside of themselves in making their characterizations believable; Johnny Depp, Al Pacino, Denzel Washington- Meryl Streep and Viola Davis-to name a few....more

Why I Can't Stop Watching The Help

I’m 10, have 5 siblings, an absent mother that yanked us out of our predictable home and away from my father whom I adored.  However, she did not.  At 28, with 6 kids, all she could understand was how she was robbed of her youth. She did not want to go to church, hang out with the other mothers, sew clothes, cook dinner, shop or clean. She wanted to march in protest lines, stand up for civil rights, hang out in the “hippy” section of Detroit and blare the Rolling Stones....more

Why I'm Not Boycotting The Help

As a young Black woman, I heard two messages this summer regarding The Help: Go see it! or Boycott that shit! What to do…what did I do? Well, I do what I always do. No matter what other people tell me to do. I didn’t go at all. I never go to the theatre....more

The Help

Question: Do you feel stuck or made to feel like your life can't get better? You think if you even try to and improve your life you will just be beaten down and told "NO, you aren't allowed to do that", right? Everyone should have one thing in this world that allows them to feel there is a chance at change. It's called hope - a powerful emotion. And once you have hope change can begin. Well, the movie, The Help, showed that if you have the courage to share your story, no matter how scared you are, or oppressed, you will eventually be free and happy....more

"Fences" - Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant!

With Denzel, Viola and a terrific cast, August Wilson’s “Fences” is BRILLIANT!...more