I Remember The First Time That He Hit Me

(Trigger warning) Modified from the Cyber Vigil for Ka'Sandra Wade in Pittsburgh.  When I asked Pam Spaulding to promote today’s cyber vigil, she did so and commented “These stories need to be told …”  I agree. And I am hoping some of the bloggers will share their stories. Because they bind us....more

Domestic Violence Is Sexy

Chris Brown and Rihanna are singing about how they want to fuck each other, and everyone is talking about it. She’s either a marketing genius who knows just what the media wants, the editorials say, or she’s a lost little superstar who doesn’t realize the impact that her choices are having on impressionable teenage girls everywhere. It doesn’t matter which one it is, because we can’t look away. Why?  Because this latest musical collaboration is sexy. ...more
It's so not sexy. You get wrapped up in the drama, though. It took me years after leaving my ...more

Women's eNews: Violence Survivor Lobbies to Open VAWA’s Books

Violence Survivor Lobbies to Open VAWA's Books Run Date: 08/20/09 By Regina Varolli ...more