Stories of survivors portrayed by journalists in Georgia

Ahead of World Press Freedom Day, a story from Georgia, where actors and playwrights are using interactive verbatim theatre to perform real-life stories produced by journalists trained at a UN Women workshop on gender-sensitive reporting. ...more

UN Women Chief goes back to school in Viet Nam

During her first visit to the country, the former teacher engaged young students on leadership and ending gender-based violence. ...more

We must embrace diversity by accepting our past

In the words of Aili Limakka Laue, a 33-year-old Inuit activist from Kalaallit Nunaat, Greenland (Denmark). She is studying social and political science at the University of Greenland, has been a union volunteer for almost a decade and in 2009 she was elected to the board of the National Inuit Youth Council, Sorlak. She is also a single mother of four. ...more

Empower women in India by helping them take charge of their own safety

Sayfty is on a mission to raise $25,000 by January 31st, 2014.The Indiegogo fundraiser gives a detailed breakdown at how your money will be spent. Here is a link to the campaign:

Research paints poignant picture of intimate partner violence in Zimbabwe

According to the country's first comprehensive baseline study, 2 in 3 women suffer gender violence and justice remains elusive. ...more

In the words of Chamathya Fernando... MDG results are a mixed bag for women and girls in Sri Lanka

As the UN discusses the new development agenda that will be adopted beyond the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) target date of 2015, youth activist Chamathya Fernando with the Sri Lanka Girl Guides Association talks about how these goals have impacted the lives of women and girls in an urban low-income settlement. Fernando will speak at a panel on the MDGs at the Stakeholders Forum on 5 December. ...more

Survivors find sanctuary and second chance through Ethiopian safe houses

In the town of Adama, women and children violence survivors find shelter and a way to make a living, using skills learned at a safe house supported by UN Women. ...more

Samoan helpline saves lives

On this Pacific island, where nearly half of all women report intimate partner violence, almost 2,000 calls have been received in the first five months of the Samoa Victim Support Group’s 24-Hour Help Line Service. ...more

From bike rides to pink ribbons, Egyptian anti-violence campaigns create ripples across the country

In Egypt, where up to 94 per cent of women report having been sexually harassed, students across 28 universities have devised clever anti-sexual harassment campaigns. ...more

In Rwanda, men work to change attitudes and confront gender-based violence

Nearly 3,000 local leaders have been educated and engaged to fight gender-based violence by promoting the concept of “positive masculinity”. ...more